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Pre-orders + ETAs: The 22/23 TREW Outerwear Collection

By Katherine Donnelly on

New winter outerwear coming soon, shipping out this Fall!

We'll get right to the point: new gear is nearly here and we're frickin' stoked -- and if you're reading this, then you probably are, too!

Below is everything you could ever want to know about what we've got brewing for you, how you can order it or pre-order it, when you can expect it to ship out from our Oregon warehouse, and more.

As is the norm nowadays, supply chain + freight delays are still a very real thing and so any dates listed below are subject to change....but if they do, we will be sure to let you know! We will do our very best to get new gear up on the site as quickly as we can, and will keep this article as current as possible as we navigate the next few months.

Here's the short version:

  • We have new gear coming in waves throughout the next few months. Between October-March, we'll have all of our 22/23 gear arriving in several shipments to our Oregon warehouse and hitting the site as fast as we can manage. 
  • In addition to outerwear, this season we have an all-new Nuyarn merino collection available - complete with the most recent addition of our fan favorite Chill Top + Bottom base layers. 
  • The Powfunk Jacket will be taking a little vacation this season as it undergoes some R&R (rest + redesign). We promise it will be worth it...


As of 1/26/23, nearly all of our 22/23 Outerwear - including our PNW 3L PRIMO collection (including PLUS/Extended sizing), our PNW 3L Classic collection, our PNW Originals 2L collection, and our Capow 3L collection - is stocked + shipping!

  • We will have more 2L, Capow, and Classic coming in March.
  • March also marks the month where we will have an all-new lightweight anorak + bib launching that is built specifically for the uphill-minded, volcano-season-loving, runs-hot-year-round stay tuned!

    Please note that all timelines are subject to change! 

    Our 22/23 Collection Breakdown

    We just dropped a whole bunch of different collection names on you in the section above, so allow us to add a bit of context to what they all mean. Without getting too in the weeds, here is the basic overview of our different outerwear collections that will be hitting the site in the coming months:

    CAPOW 3L

    PNW 3L - PRIMO

    PNW 3L - Classic

    PNW 2L Originals


    Dermizax 3L fabric


    PNW Primo 3L fabric


    100% Recycled

    PNW Classic 3L fabric


    PNW 2L fabric



    Capow Jacket

    Capow Bib

    W Capow Bib

    Cosmic Jacket Primo

    TREWth Bib Primo

    Stella Jacket Primo

    Chariot Bib Primo

    Cosmic Jacket Classic

    TREWth Bib Classic

    Stella Jacket Classic

    Chariot Bib Classic

    Jefferson Jacket

    Jefferson Bib

    Popover Jacket

    Astoria Jacket

    Astoria Bib


    The Capow collection was designed with the help of Capow Guiding out of Revelstoke, CA and this collection is perfect for backcountry travel.

    Our PNW 3L collections - both the new Primo and our signature Classic line - are the ultimate mountain companion. Outfitted for backcountry excursions with thoughtful venting and transceiver pocket, but with that extra durability to last through long days of hot lapping the lifts, our PNW 3L can go anywhere.

    The best bang for your buck, our PNW 2L will give you everything you need and more for epic resort riding and the occasional sidecountry bootpack - all at a great value.

    The TREW Alpine Club 22/23

    Our new and improved TREW Alpine Club is live, and open for membership!

    We took member feedback from last year's inaugural Club, added in some extra perks + incentives, and what we've created is looking absolutely drool-worthy. If you like getting deals, surprise gifts, and rockin' the Thumbs Up, then take a peek at what the Alpine Club can offer you!

    How can you stay tuned in?

    All product drops - and sneak peaks, teasers, and more! - will be announced via email and text, as well as across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.  

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    • Zoë Sinner on

      Hoping there’s some bright colors coming as well. Loved the bc green (sea foam greenish?) on the capow bibs!

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