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The Great Life: Raising an Adventurous Family with Shannon Mahre

By Katherine Donnelly on

TREW is incredibly lucky to have none other than super athlete, super mom, and superhuman Shannon Mahre on our team of ambassadors for the third season now. There's no such thing as an off-season for Shannon, as she's constantly on the move; Winter may be for lots and lots of skiing, but when the snow melts she just makes a quick gear swap and starts coaching + guiding her other passions, including trail running, river SUP, and mountain biking....and throughout it all, she's putting her whole self into raising two young and adventurous boys.

We recently asked her to tell us a bit more about her recent years of growth, and how becoming a mother of two has shifted her approach to life, and we're thrilled to share her words with you below. Enjoy!

Being a mom is truly the greatest gift that I could have ever been given — but it’s also the most terrifying and difficult gift that I’ve ever been given as well. But as any parent will tell you, the juggle to work as well as continue to follow your passions while raising kiddos that are kind, adventurous and hard-working is tough — and sometimes feels utterly impossible. Did I change when I became a parent? Absolutely. But not in the negative way that people told me that I would. I became less selfish, I became more creative with my time and I became more  driven to build the work + life that Andy and I wanted our family to have together.  

Prior to having kids, I was hell bent on competing with other women, I was worried about other people’s perceptions and I was focused on myself more than on helping others. Fast forward seven years later — I’m a mom of two boys (2 years + 6 years) who are my constant companions, a dual business owner, a wife, a 4 season coach + athlete (ski, mountain bike, River SUP + trail running), a community event creator and I’m also still a professional photographer and writer. Probably the best part? My personal growth :: I could care less what anyone thinks about me, my cellulite or any other “flaws” that other people might judge me by. And competition? I completely threw it out the window — I support other women, I raise them up, I cheer them on, and the only person that I compete with now is the woman that I was yesterday. 

Yes, being a mom changed me — in fact, with every child that I’ve had, I have grown as a coach, as an athlete and as a woman in my every day life. Sure, I am still an athlete, and I’m still consistently progressing in my chosen sports, but my focus now, more than ever is on helping others, on getting more women on skis, bikes, trails and waterways. Coaching women and young girls, giving them the skills and confidence that they need to overcome their fears in their chosen sport as well as in their lives, brings me a joy that nothing else does — and words  cannot describe how grateful I am for all of the amazing individuals that this business, this passion has brought into my life. And my #1 focus? Being the best possible mother that I can to our two boys — and continuing to not only teach them the sports we love but also instilling the work ethic in them that our parents instilled in us.  

Being a parent is being busy — it’s having mom brain or dad brain more often than not — but damn, is it rewarding. I’ve learned that it’s not the load that breaks you down — it’s the way you carry it. My days may start at 4am (and I’m usually falling asleep on the couch by 7:30) and it would be much more likely to see me on the trail, mountain, river or Moto track than out on the town, but this is the life that brings me joy, this is the life that brings my family happiness, and this is the life that gives me the ability to help as many people as possible in the process.  

Find your “great life”. Work for it with all you’ve got. And in the words of Anne Frank, “No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Go ahead and follow along on Shannon's adventures on Instagram. While you're at it, check out Girls with Grit - and do yourself a huge favor and sign up for one of her many courses, trips, and clinics. You won't be disappointed!

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