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The TREW Story

And where we're going.

TREW is an outdoor gear company born in Hood River and now based in Portland, Oregon. We make the best outdoor gear and deliver it to our radical customers with a thumb’s up and a smile.

The Trewth

The great, wild outdoors is our playground. You create the good times and we make the gear. Let’s breath some fresh air and lay down some tracks on this earth just for the smiles. If that’s your vibe than you’re in good company.

The Beginning

TREW started in 2008 when we made the greatest snow bib the world had yet seen. We designed our bib around the varying weather and demands of the Pacific Northwest. Which, as it turns out, made our outerwear capable of handling anything and people really appreciated that. Oh yeah, we had radical colors and lots of pockets.

Spread the TREWth

For six years, our small team peddled our gear through reps, distributors, and retailers all around the world. We garnered a following of core customers who appreciated our trademark balance of high-end, technical quality and creative styles. We serviced our collection of dealers and connected with new customers on the west coast by traveling around in our Gnar-V, stocked with our latest samples for testing and feedback. Recognition from industry leading publications and widespread praise from opinionated end-users fed our growth and reinforced our belief that there is demand for technical gear with a different vibe.

Fresh Tracks

We started TREW to make a product that no one was offering. That perspective evolved into an entire product line and created a brand-culture that strived to deliver new products and experiences to the outdoor industry. In 2015, we decided it was time to create a company and a service that matched the radical creativity of our product line. We left the traditional wholesale distribution network to sell our products directly to you.


So we’re not selling our products through the traditional network of stores that hawk outdoor gear, who cares? You do.

Only the Best

Our product line is tailored to our customer’s needs. The value chain here is simple, you get the best materials and designs straight from the source at less of a markup. This is our secret formula and it ensures that you get the best outdoor gear.

Thumb's Up Experience

We want the experience of buying our products to be as fun as owning them. We stand by our products and support our customers with repairs and replacements throughout the lifecycle of the garment. We love when our customers get in touch, or stop by our Portland storefront for a beer.

On the Up

The thumb’s up brand brings levity to the world of boring, technical apparel. Join our skin track, and get more glide to your stride. The best gear to have the most fun.

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