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We believe that people who have positive experiences in the mountains are better stewards for the environment, happier people in their communities, and more motivated to make the world a better a place.

The Thumb's Up Mentality

Sliding down mountains is undeniably fun. This has been true from your first day sledding down your neighborhood hill to your most recent multi-day backcountry trip. The thumb’s-up is a not so subtle reminder that a quick dip into some dry powder is all you need to fill up your cup. You dig? 

Our mission is to make apparel that makes it easier for all individuals to have a damn good time in the mountains.

A Good Pair Of Bibs

So, how did we start this journey? Well, for us, we’re happiest when we’re dry and comfortable and getting pitted in bottomless backcountry powder, so our first design was easy: a solid pair of bibs.

We designed the TREWTh bibs in 2008. A pair of ruggedly waterproof, lightweight, and durable bibs built for the backcountry, available in shades of bright teal and deep purple; we made it known right from the start that this is what we’re all about. 

We honed our craft the old-fashioned way: shipping products out of our garage in Hood River, OR, and driving our gnaRV to resort parking lots and letting the locals take a spin in some bibs. If you happened to visit us in those early days, we apologize for the smells and hope you stayed for the pig roast.

The TREW Collection

The TREWth Bib helped us discover our formula for our entire collection: rugged utility, no-brainer functionality, and a style that instantly communicates that you’re the right kind of backcountry partner (i.e., I want to go on a tour with that dude).  

Today, we distribute our products exclusively through our own website and through and evo stores. This hybrid-direct-to-consumer model isn’t something that we take lightly; it allows us to have a closer connection to our customers, and align the focus of our design and development with the real needs of our community. We believe that it delivers more value to you and creates products with more longevity. 

Meet The Team Behind TREW



Co-founder and CEO, Chris has a passion for deep powder, funky colors, and textiles. He loves the summit of Mt Hood, the HRM parking lot, and skier's right of Lord's chute. He also loves his wife Britt, sons Henry and Jack, and dog Bucky.


Director of Ops

Living the dream in Maine, Katherine loves building trails....and then riding trails, either on her bike or on two planks. She's also a BIG fan of ice cream, Excel spreadsheets, and her husband Ian, and is known best for her awkwardness and bad jokes.


Community Manager

Jess is a big fan of long days outside whether it’s on skis, bikes, climbing gear, or her own two feet. She is also a fan of her dog Wylie and ice-cold fizzy water, and prides herself on her ability to parallel park in stressful situations.


Customer Support Manager

Whether sliding on snow or riding the rivers, travel by way of water is Andrew’s preferred method of transportation. From Washington to Maine, you’re likely to find Andrew honing his skills Sit Skiing or exploring by way of canoe. 


Customer Support Lead

When not spreading the TREWth to our rad customer base, you can find Jordan chasing powder on local volcanoes, foraging for forest snacks, studying for a psychology degree, playing guitar and snuggling their cats.


Up-cycling Ninja

Luke is the rare human that is as comfortable on the sewing machine as he is on a board. The master seamster himself has been perfecting the art of bag craft and material repurposing in the basement of Trew HQ. Each Truce bag is custom and built to last. Come see for yourself!