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This is performance you can feel good about. Our PRIMO Collection is made from our revolutionary proprietary fabric, PNW 3L Primo, which is woven from 100% recycled nylon.

The perfect spin

100% recycled - that's already pretty cool, right?? But here's the kicker: with PRIMO, we didn't have to skimp on the technical features or protection to make it happen. And all PRIMO products boast 20k waterproofing, 20k breathability, and are even more durable than anything else in our lineup.

So forget having to choose between being green and staying dry. You can feel good, look good, and stay outside longer with the all-new PRIMO Collection.


Ever since TREW opened its door - er, well, garage door that is - back in 2009 we've known that minmizing our impact on the natural world was a core tenet of our business. But creating a sustainable fabric that stood up to our rigorous performance testing was easier said than done...

Over the years, we've watched as other brands have launched their own iteration of recycled, lower-impact outerwear to the world. But in those products, there have always been compromises - the ultimatum of performance or sustainability.

We've quietly continued our work with long-time partner, Toyota Textiles of Japan, working hard and waiting until we got it just right. And here we are, now in 2022, ready to unveil one of our proudest achievements: a fabric that can take a beating, feels incredible on, keeps you warm + dry, and is woven from 100% recycled nylon.