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The deets

We've selected the 10 final teams, each of which will receive TREW's support in the creation of their own 3-5 min film showcasing their personality, their perspectives, their local stomping grounds, and what it means to them to “Stay TREW”.

But here’s the catch…teams will have only 6x weeks to film and 4x weeks to edit their film during winter ‘23.

Filming Period: 1/30 – 3/12

Editing Period: 3/13 – 4/9

The film tour

Come Fall '23, each individual teams’ 3–5 minute edit will be combined into a longer-form film, which will be taken on the road with screenings in each teams’ respective hometowns.

The project will conclude with a digital release of the film - so that anyone, anywhere, can be a part of the “TREW To You” experience. 

And one grand prize winner

At hometown screening events and upon digital release, viewers will be able to vote digitally on their favorite edit and which of the ten videos they feel best brings the “STAY TREW” mantra to life. After voting closes, TREW will tally the result and the team with the most votes will receive a $10K cash prize

We will also have a variety of other prizes going out to participating teams as well. Details TBD.