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Here's your chance to join our tight-knit family of passionate skiers and snowboarders, receive exclusive VIP content, discounts, and perks, accrue points to put towards TREW rewards, collect entries into our TREW x Capow Sweepstakes, and get decked out in some awesome gear! 

Come get high with us.

This second iteration of the Alpine Club takes the high points from our inaugral '21/22 Club - and then doubles down on what made members the happiest!

What we came up with is an all-new Alpine Club structure with three distinct tiers - allowing anyone to join in - and a long list of perks, discounts, and special offers that make each tier even better than the next.

Become a TREW Insider

All Alpine Club members, no matter the tier, will get VIP access to:

* new TREW gear

* exclusive TREW discounts + Alpine Club products

* our point-based loyalty system, giving you plentiful ways to bask in your choice of TREW rewards

* an online Club channel for connecting with TREW ambassadors + other Alpine Club members

* opportunities to provide TREW product direction + help us choose new colors, features, and more

The TREW x Capow Sweepstakes

For the very first time ever, we’re opening up a coveted spot on our annual team trip to British Columbia.

By joining any of the three Alpine Club tiers, members will have the chance to win a seat aboard the heli up to the home of Marty + Capow Guiding, and drool-worthy terrain alongside our core team of employees + ambassadors.