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Choose Wisely: Tips to Selecting The Right Gear for You

By Katherine Donnelly on

Oh, online shopping. It's a love hate relationship for many, and for good reason. And when it comes to shopping for your winter outerwear, it can get a bit overwhelming and even a whole lot frustrating when you're trying to figure out 'what bib is right for me' or 'what size jacket should I get'

Please know that, as consumers and shoppers ourselves, we feel your pain. Which is why we're always trying to find new and improved ways to make the process easier - and more fun! - for anyone who visits our site. This is a continual process: one that we take very seriously and are always thinking about, but also proves to be extremely challenging when trying to create accurate sizing, fit, and product guides for a massive range of people - all who have varying preferences, shapes, and opinions.

We've come a long way in recent years, from the cut and paste size charts to a much more robust offering of articles, comparisons, and detailed information for our customers; hopefully, the below resources will prove helpful for you as you give TREW a try!

The Collection Comparison

We're growing - wahoo! - and with that growth comes the opportunity to build out our product line with more options to fit just what you are looking for. The only downside, though, is that this can create a more complicated process for you when it comes to choosing what to get....but we've been working on ways to best communicate how our different collections and products stack up.

One of our favorite new things is this epic illustration from the very talented Andrea Slusarski showing our four outerwear collections and where they thrive on the mountain.

PNW PRIMO lives on the summit as our premium lineup that can do it all and go anywhere, with the PNW Classics closely tailing as our dependable jacket and bib that gives you everything you need and nothing you don't - while Capow lives out of bounds, traveling in the backcountry and enjoying multi-day hut trips, and our PNW Originals collection is most at home shredding pow at the resort and tackling anything the resort can toss at it.

**And our newest arrival, the LW 3L Collection, is about as lightweight + minimalist kit as can be. The LW Bib and Le Skieur Anorak are made for fast + light moving up high in the mountains, and will be your ultimate companion on those long slogs where breathability is everything and every gram counts. 


At the very highest level, we've created a simple yet effective chart that lays out of growing outerwear offerings with some of the finer points and key comparisons: 

Our 'Choosing the Right ____ for You' Guides

This isn't the first year we've also had extensive articles available for each category of products, but we can confidently say that this years' iteration of each - Men's Bibs, Men's Jackets, Women's Bibs, Women's Jackets - is the best so far in lay out + depth. You'll find a lot of information in these guides, but if you're down for a bit of reading in order to get the right item(s) for you then there is no better place to start. 



Our online SIZE GUIDES

New for 22/23, we've leveled up our old size charts and created a true guiding opportunity here. On every product page on our site, you will find a product-specific SIZE GUIDE linked directly above the Add to Cart (or pre-order) button.

Within these guides, there is a plethora of information for you to take and use as you wish: the intended fit of the garment, fabric properties you should know about, sizing tips, both suggested body measurements as well as some key garment specs, how to measure diagrams, inseam selections, layering guide, and even more. It's a one-stop shop with nearly everything you need to know about our gear. 

**A FIT GUIDE for our outerwear is in the works, and coming soon...

And finally, there's always Fitted + Kitted 

If you're having trouble finding the right gear for you, or you just don't want to read + navigate through everything listed above, then our Fitted + Kitted Quiz is just the thing for you! 

Just complete the online form, and we'll get back to you with a personalized product + size recommendation for you. It really couldn't be easier.


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