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Choosing the Right Bib for You: Women's 2022/23

By Katherine Donnelly on

As you may have already heard, TREW Gear is known for bibs. Our origins began with the idea for better bibs back in 2008, and here we are today still designing and selling some of the best frickin' bibs you'll ever put on. While TREW began as a male-dominant team making gear primarily aimed at the dudes, we have come a long way....and these days, our top selling product comes from our women's lineup!

Your women's bib options:

One bib to rule them all: The Chariot Bib

We might be a bit biased, but our 3-layer Chariot Bib Classic is a front-runner for best women's bib ever created. Take 'em anywhere: inbounds, off-piste, side country, parking lots, backyards, wherever. Rain or shine, these bad mamajamas stand up to the elements and keep you shredding that sweet, sweet gnar until your legs give out. Burly for in-bounds, while breathable for the backcountry - if you had to choose just one bib to live in for the rest of your days, we think it should be the versatile and fan-favorite Chariot Bib Classic.

Brand new for the 2022/23 season, we're taking the Chariot Bibs to the next level with our new Chariot Bib PRIMO. Made from 100% recycled materials and boasting improved durability and all-day comfort, we're so excited to see our flagship bib grow even more with our brand values - blending our love for quality gear + sustainability.

Your best friend in the backcountry: The W Capow Bib

If you're more inclined to leave the lifts behind more than you rely on them, then the 3-layer W Capow Bib could be for you. Built around the concept from our best-selling men's Capow Bib, we've created the bib that hard-charging ladies in the backcountry have been asking for. Slightly more breathable than the Chariot and boasting a stretchier fabric and lower rise (aka the 'below-the-tit-fit' that we so affectionately coined), the W Capow feels most at home in the solitude of big mountains far outside the boundaries. 

The W Capow Bib in its natural habitat.

Best bang for you buck, without skimping on features: The Astoria Bib

While our signature 3-layer products don't need to worry about getting the boot anytime soon, we've been hard at work trying to make skiing, snowboarding, and the gear you need to recreate comfortably and confidently more accessible to everyone, and our new PNW 2L collection is a direct product of this vision.

The Astoria Bib, doing what it does best: performing on the mountain and looking damn good along the way.

To put it concisely, the 2L Astoria Bib is a durable, stylish, and feature-packed bib that won't break the bank. Most at home at the resort, the Astoria does boast a dedicated transceiver pocket on the chest - but we recommend sticking to shorter tours, bootpacks, and side-country adventures, as the 2-layer construction on the Astoria is not as breathable as our 3L counterparts. You won't, however, run into any issues when it comes to waterproofing since the Astoria Bib (like all of our outerwear products) is built to keep you dry in even the harshest of PNW conditions.

Before moving down, let's quickly talk about 2L vs. 3L

With the recent launch of our newest collection, the PNW Originals Collection, let's chat about 2-layer vs. 3-layer fabrics. What does this really mean, and how does 2L compare to 3L? Here's what you need to know:

Take your pee breaks to the next level

If you've ever taken a pit stop while touring (or even mid-lap at the resort), then you'll love this. Forget the days of taking your pack off, wrestling with your layers, pulling your bibs down, and exposing your precious lady bits to both the cold and your crew. The Chariot Bib + W Capow Bib, with their reinforced rear zipper, makes it easier than ever to 'drop trou' and let 'er rip without dealing with any of the fuss: just pick your pee tree, unzip, and go for it.  

While the Astoria 2L Bib does not have the same drop-seat design, the side zipper (and entrance point) on these bibs does allow for easy bathroom breaks by unzipping from the top and pulling the back of the bib out of the way, and lowering your layers to do your business.

While we could talk bibs for days, let's dive into the side-by-side comparison and show you just what makes these different bib designs shine:  

Shell Material
3L PNW Primo Fabric 
100% Recycled
3L PNW Classic Fabric
3L Dermizax EV 
2L PNW Fabric
Waterproof + Breathability Rating
20,000mm Waterproof/Breathable (20k/20k)
20,000mm Waterproof/15,000mm Breathable (20k/15k)
Fabric stretch
Mechanical stretch for all-day comfort
Little to no stretch in the fabric
Stretchy as can be
Mechanical stretch for all-day comfort
A relaxed fit throughout, with a more figure-flattering silhouette
A bit more room in the legs and butt to accommodate athletic builds
Snowboarding-inspiring style with a relaxed fit throughout
Inseam options
Short (30”)
Regular (32.5”)
Tall (35”)
Short (30”)
Regular (32.5”)
Tall (35”)
Short (30”)
Regular (32.5”)
Tall (35”)
No options, just classic grading by size (see size chart for inseam lengths)
Sizing tips
The Chariot runs nearly true-to-size. If you have a larger bum and lower body, then we suggest sizing up. 
The Chariot runs nearly true-to-size - but with less stretch in the Classic PNW 3L material, you may find yourself needing to size up in the Classic Chariot. 
The W Capow Bibs run slightly larger than our other women’s bibs, and are designed with more room through the bum + thighs.
The Astoria runs nearly true-to-size.
We highly suggest referring to the size chart on the product page before choosing your size.
Strap back design
  • Chest cargo and zippered storage pockets
  • Zip thigh cargo pockets
  • Chest zippered storage pocket and designated beacon pocket
  • Zip thigh cargo pockets
  • Double kangaroo chest pocket with both velcro and zip closures
  • D-ring for transceiver in zipped chest pocket
  • Zip thigh cargo pockets
Front zip(s)
Full-front entrance with one-way waterproofed zipper
Full-front entrance with two-way waterproofed zipper
No full front zipper
Side zip(s)
¾-length dual-direction zip w/ top opening on wearer's right side, large vent side zip on left side
Inner leg vents
Beacon pocket
RECCO® reflector
Rubber-tipped cordage zipper pulls
Gusseted crotch
Internal boot gaiters with gripper elastic
Full coverage front and back bib
Lower rise on front of bib, which hits right below bust line
Belt loops
SuperFabric® cuffs and kick patches
Cuff reinforcement only, no kick patches
Water-resistant zippers on all exposed openings
Adjustable shoulder straps with no-slip gripper
The highlights
The best of all worlds.
100% recycled, increased durability, and more stretch in the fabric compared to PNW 3L Classic. 
Everything you need and nothing you don’t.
Durable, waterproof, good looking, and our best-selling jacket ever.
Your best friend in the backcountry.
Lighterweight, breathable, and ready to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable for even the longest trail-breaking missions.
Ready for the worst, hoping for the best.
Simple, clean, and rugged - The Astoria has everything you need to take on the mountains without breaking the bank.
Recommended use(s)
Bomber in-bounds, but backcountry ready. These bibs can do it all.
A true hybrid, with a deep love for going uphill.
Most at home in the resort!

Finding the right size and fit for you

While we wish all bibs could come straight from the pages of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, let's be realistic: every woman's body is beautifully unique, and to design and create snow gear that fits every single lady out there is a lofty goal. Nevertheless, we aim to please and continue to put considerable time and thought into designing gear that suits the needs and desires of our customers. 

Make sure to check out our sizing guides, located on each individual product page, to see what our recommended sizing looks like for your body measurements. Our sizing guides work approximately 99% of the time, and are a great place to start -- plus, we have easy and free (in the US) exchanges so if you do end up needing a smaller or larger size, it's a complete breeze. 

Any bib can work for you! In the case that none of our female-specific bib options fit your fancy, we highly encourage you to add our men's bib designs into your considerations. The Capow Bib in particular is a fan favorite, but we do also see many ladies opt for the style or color options in the TREWth Bib, too! If you do go with a men's bib style, we suggest sizing down from your normal women's size (ex. if you are normally a women's M, try a Men's S).

Looking for a bit more guidance?

No worries, we're here for you. Get Fitted + Kitted  easily by taking our online quiz, and we'll get back to you with your personal product and size recommendation within 2 business days.

We also offer easy returns and exchanges, so if you order the wrong size or want to change styles it's no big deal to swap out. See our Returns + Exchanges page here for more info.

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  • Katherine at TREW on

    Everyone, good news….inseam options, including short inseams, will be available for the 2021/22 season!!!

  • Marilyn Adams on

    Would love to see shorter inseams as there is a huge gap in this market!

    Until then I’ll be over here waiting in Bend. Cheers!

  • Emily Heymann on

    I am 5’ 3" and 145 lbs. The medium bib fit my torso/hips but length was too long. The jacket arms were also too long. Brands that market to women should include more length options (x short, short, reg, long). I would be willing to wait longer for shipping if it meant both size and length were customizable.

  • Mary B Ruman on


    I am very interested in a pair of your women’s bibs (black), size M in a short length. Have been a volunteer member of the National Ski Patrol for 42 years and finding durable women’s ski pants/bibs in short lengths in nearly impossible. Are you producing these bibs in short lengths any time soon?


    Mary Ruman

  • RB on

    So great! I have a 36 inseam and love the length! It’s SO Ridiculously hard to find good women’s backcountry gear that fits right & is great quality. The pee zip is amazing. Very similar to a dry suit drop seat. Not like the drop seats you see in snowmobile bibs. I use these for snowmobiling mostly. I’m sure I’ll rip them eventually but love the flexibility and light weight feel.

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