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How it All Started

TREW based in Hood River, Oregon among the Cascade Mountains and we have a vision for the future of outdoor apparel. 

The joy of watching fat snow flakes fall at night. A packed van smelling of hot coffee, fresh wax, and adrenalin. Choking on cold powder and bursting, weightless, through clouds of frozen smoke only to dive right back in.

How do we share these moments? We share them with laughter, high fives, and our thumbs raised in salute.


The Beginning

TREW began in 2007 when Tripp Frey left his Wall Street career to pursue a path more connected to his values. When Tripp was in first grade, he wrote a book called "Skiing is Fun." He let this innate passion for mountains guide his next move. Tripp swapped a New York City suit life for the somewhat less hustle-and-bustle atmosphere of Hood River, Oregon, and called up his lifelong friends, brothers Chris and John Pew, with an idea for a bib and a brand. 

We Can Make Better Gear

Growing up, we learned to ride and tour in the backcountry together and experienced the pitfalls of an industry not yet caught-up with its users. Tripp and Chris crammed alpine trekkers (day-wreckers) into our alpine bindings and JP walked in snowshoes (slow-shoes).  The hard-goods side of backcountry riding evolved quickly with alpine-touring bindings for skis and splitboards, but outerwear was stuck in the 90s. When Tripp had the idea to launch a brand, we knew that the industry was not delivering the best apparel to the core market and that we could make apparel for the next generation of mountain riders. 

Let it Flow

We divided our summer between prototyping garments in a small factory in Vancouver, BC and pouring beer in Hood River. By fall we finished a collection of samples ready for winter riding. Our new challenge was reaching the core skiers and snowboarders that we knew would be ready for the TREWth. So we moved onto an RV, wrapped it with bright colors and our thumb’s-up logo, and brought the product to the people. 



After 5 months of sharing the TREWth to one stoked person at a time, we knew that there was a community of riders that shared our vision for the future of backcountry apparel. 

The Bib Revolution

Our first product was a simple line-up: three jackets, a waist pant, and a bib. It was the TREWth Bib, however, that allowed us to plant our flag in the ground, and introduced TREW’s trademark blend of durability, classic alpine functionality, and singular creative style to the snow-riding world. Our products have garnered praise in multiple publications, with the TREWth Bib consistently being recognized on the forefront of modern, anti-snow-down-your-pants protection. 

All Good in the Hood

Over the years we expanded our product line and broadened our customer base beyond the "backcountry freeride" market. We saw that people connected with our creative interpretation of technical outerwear, and the fun vibes inherent with the thumb's up logo. Our home base of Hood River, OR is a mecca for multi-season athletes addicted to having a good time. Whether you're riding a mountain bike, a kiteboard, or a snowboard, it's all about having fun in the outdoors with your friends. 

Breaking Our Own Trail

In the fall of 2014, and after seven years building a brand, we had a key realization, an “ah ha” moment where our new path became clear.  You see, in the beginning our focus was simple and straightforward—build amazing products for the core user. As we grew as a company, we slowly began designing our products to suit the traditional retail model (price points, delivery schedules, etc). We realized that the best products couldn't be made in the traditional retail model. Innovation is slow, cutting-edge performance becomes prohibitively expensive, and our relationship with the customer becomes indirect. 

The Future is Now

Starting now, you buy your TREW gear directly from us. On our site, over the phone, in our mobile RV store, and very soon from our brick and mortar store in Portland, OR. You have a question? You talk directly to us. No compromise, total transparency. And what does all this mean for you?

You Get More

It means you get a better product at a price traditional companies can't match. This change is about realigning with the customer. It's about only doing what brings value to you. 

Get more for less.

Thanks for your support so far. We can't wait to go on this journey with you. We know you'll like what's in store.