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Staying in a fully stocked cabin, sitting high in the alpine backcountry, with ten of your best riding buddies is the best way to spend several days in the backcountry. With a good variety of terrain, you can always find fresh turns and, more often than not, you're scoring powder. This is what we make gear for. 

Tha Capow Jacket and Capow Bib are designed for the backcountry: lightweight, breathable, and packed with backcountry-specific features like a pocket for your transceiver. Our Nuyarn Merino wool Chill Top and Lightweight bottoms will regulate your temperature and keep you feeling and smelling fresh all week. Throw in a Peaking Hat and live your best hut-life.

Here's a collection of some of our picks for hut trip essentials, and some of our favorite things to do on a hut trip. We hope you get after it this season!