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Why did we launch new Winter outerwear in June?? Good question.

By Katherine Donnelly on

It's officially June. As I sit here writing this, the thermometer in my window is reading 95. I have the fan cranked up to high, but it's only doing so much to keep me from fully melting into a puddle. There really is nothing about today's conditions - or the incoming weeks forecast of hot, hot sun - that has anyone thinking to themselves, "damn, you know what I need right now? A new outerwear kit." 

But here we are, launching a brand new colorway in four of our most popular products (as well as restocking the fan favorites: Black and Basalt): the Cosmic Jacket and TREWth Bibs for men, and the Stella Jacket and Chariot Bibs for women.

The perfect colors for a tropical, Summer vibe.

So what's the deal with this summer release and restock? Good question. 

I sat down with our CEO, Chris, to get more info about his vision around this recent restock and color announcement. Here's what he had to say:

"June is the beginning of our summer ski season! There's still plenty of great touring and the camps are just getting rolling. We're proud of the fact that thanks to Mt Hood's glaciers, we have one of the longest ski seasons in the US." - Chris

It's very true that being based in the PNW has its perks. For those who are willing to work a little harder and hike a bit further, there is always something that can be skied or ridden all year-round here. And with our community being very large here in Oregon and Washington, many of whom partake in TAY (Turns All Year), it never hurts to keep things stocked and fresh for those who do their gear shopping come Summer. 

Sensi taking the monocolor Teal kit out for a park lap at Timberline.

Possibly even more compelling, we have also been doing more data-diving and analysis at TREW in recent years and have come to find that our customers have some very pronounced buying habits.

"We've learned that some of our best (aka most loyal) customers all over the country prefer to wait until the Spring and Summer to nab end-of-season deals on clothing and hardgoods. We've missed out on these opportunities in years past because we would be sold out of our best-selling gear by the Spring. Restocking some of our staples in the Spring and Summer is our way of making sure that our best-selling gear is available to those off-season shoppers." - Chris

The 2019/2020 season was the first time we had ever had a mid-Winter/Spring restock and new color release. At the end of February 2020, we had a large shipment of the very same products (Cosmic Jacket, TREWth Bib, Stella Jacket, Chariot Bib) brought in to our warehouse to restock the classic colors and introduce some new Spring tones. It was an experiment in how well we could sell our items through the Spring and Summer when we actually had inventory on hand. Of course, a few weeks later COVID-19 took the country by storm, resorts closed, and life was forever changed. But the gear sold really well, reinforcing our theory that if we had gear through the traditional 'off-season' that it would sell.

It was obviously a very interesting time with the pandemic raging around us - and it's hard to know just how telling last year's reporting was for future guidance due to the special circumstances - but with the success of that restock and new color launch we wanted to do it all over again this year. 

Eric making easy work of shredding slush in the new Cosmic Jacket and TREWth Bib.

This time though, we wanted to push it into June and try our luck....which brings us all the way back to square one. It's hot, sunny, and June. Most of the country has called it a wrap and moved on to their summer adventures. But for those die-hard snow lovers out there who either shred all year long or love stocking up on new gear during sale season, then have at it and enjoy our newest colors!



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