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Minute Magic: Alpental | Summit at Snoqualmie, WA

By Michael Hibbs on

At the TREW Headquarters in Portland Oregon, it's currently 100 degrees.

Amidst this heatwave, we are finding ourselves looking back at frostier times. One of our fondest memories this past Winter took place at Snoqualmie Pass in Washington. Alpental Ski Area is one of those resorts that have a mom-and-pop feel with burly yet playful terrain you expect to find at places like Jackson Hole. If you hit it on a pow day, you will find yourself endlessly frothing with plenty of zones to be discovered throughout the day.

This may not be a surprise for many of you, but the key to getting the best out of a day at a place like this is riding with someone who knows the terrain; even just a few chairlifts spins with a local will set you up for an all-time session. For us, team ambassador Max Djenohan was the guide of our pow dreams. Not only did he know where to go to find the goods, but he also had you laughing the whole way down with his goofy demeanor.

Sometimes on the mountain, we find ourselves getting a little get as many face shots as we can, drop the biggest cliffs - and as a result, lose sight of what it is all about... riding with your pals out in nature and laughing and smiling the whole time. Days gone by, you won't remember that almost-perfect slash you threw under the lift. But you will remember that one time your buddy decided to spray the shit out of you and left you with a snow-caked grin that stuck around for hours. 

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  • Ernie D on

    Nothing like a face full of freshie with friends.

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