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Engearment Gives the Nuyarn Merino Tee Two Thumbs Up!

By Katherine Donnelly on

The reviews are coming in on our newest iteration of Nuyarn merino t-shirts, and to say that we've got some happy customers on our hands is a big understatement.

Sure, we make some pretty stellar outerwear that leave people high, dry, and sporting shit-eating grins until their cheek muscles give out....but it's been a little while since we've seen such resounding five-star feedback on a product. Hey, it's not like we can blame 'em; this lineup is incredibly comfortable and checks all of the boxes in performing up to snuff - all while looking really, really good. 

Most recently, we got an email from none other than long-time friend and gear-thrasher extraordinaire, Sean Sewell at Engearment. Not only did he take his new tee out for some proper testing in every environment we could ever hope for, but he pulled together a video review on his Youtube channel all about his thoughts. We'd be lying if we said we weren't blushing a bit after watching, and his positive experience with this product has us reaching an 11 on the stoke-omoter. Thanks, Sean!


“The updated TREW Lightweight Nuyarn Merino Pocket T is even better than the previous version. Which is hard to comprehend, as it was already my favorite shirt. Ever.  

That is saying a lot as I have tested dozens of wool based shirts over the years. 

The new version is a tad lighter, and even smoother feel. All the benefits of Nuyarn with a great fit and versatile styling. Whether hiking, biking, exercising, or on date night, the Pocket T is my go-to shirt.“ - Sean Sewell, Owner and Director of Stoke at Engearment


If you haven't already been an avid follower of Sean and his work at Engearment, consider this a good moment to go check it all out.

'Real-world on outdoor gear, news, and cool people interview' - it's just an added bonus that he also really likes out gear ;)

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