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By Jess Joyner on

Our newest Afterlife partner, Whitebark Gear created these amazing one-of-a-kind 4-Pack and 6-Pack bike can holders to bring the party with you wherever you go 


A few months ago we got word of the wildly creative Juki Genius behind Whitebark Gear in Bozeman, MT. We were in love with her designs immediately and made plans to get owner and operator, Nicole, a stack of jackets, bibs, and old fabric samples to see what new life she might create for these well-loved materials. Lucky for us she was down for the challenge!

The newest Afterlife Drop of 4-Pack and 6-Pack bike can holders from Whitebark Gear are here! Shop The Party Pack Collection Now! 



We sat down with Nicole to get the lowdown on Whitebark Gear and what stokes her out....

Well, you seem awesome. Tell us more!

My name is Nicole and I live in Bozeman, MT. I’ve spent most of my adult life going back and forth between Montana and Colorado but I’m happy to have been settled in Bozeman for the past few years. The community in Bozeman is really supportive and it’s been such a welcoming place to start a business. When I’m not sewing, I'm hiking in search of wildflowers, bikepacking to new places, snowboarding with friends, or cooking and baking!

Pizza or Tacos?  

Pizza! I make homemade pizza like once a week.

French Fries or Ice Cream?  

French fries! But tater tots are the true heroes.

Go-to Karaoke Song?  

Rasputin by Boney M (accompanied by a jig).

Favorite Day on Snow, Go!!

There’s so many ways to have a good day on snow! I do love a nice day in the backcountry with good friends and fluffy powder. Snacks are essential and a thermos of ginger tea. As my skier friends could tell you, my backcountry days usually involve picking up wayward screws and screeching when the skin track goes downhill, but I love the splitboard way and refuse to convert! 

Why did you want to collaborate with the TREW Afterlife?

I have a science background and I never imagined myself running a sewing business, but it’s been such an exciting adventure. A big focus for me has always been on sourcing material sustainably, whether that’s upcycling or using recycled, seconds quality, or deadstock fabric. As part of this emphasis on sustainability, I am thrilled to collaborate with TREW on this Afterlife Party Pack Collection of 4- and 6-pack bike bags created from upcycled TREW bibs!


Juki Genius and tater tot enthusiast, Nicole Cosmany, of Whitebark Gear


Shop Whitebark Gear's one-of-a-kind Top Tube Can Holders in the 4-Pack and 6-Pack sizes made from old TREW Gear that got a new lease on life! 





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