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By Jess Joyner on

Feast your eyes on the Gas Tank Bag Collection from Boneshaker


We sent TREW partner and biking fanatic, Anna from Boneshaker Bike Bags, a box of cashed TREW outerwear to see what she could whip up out of our customers old scrapped gear.

Feast your eyes on these insanely rad, one-of-a-kind top-tube bike bags that Anna created out of old TREW threads for the TREW Afterlife! Dropping 10/31/23 at 8am PST! 





We sat down with Anna to hear the bike shenanigans that inspired this new collection....

Does Your Bike Have a Name?

My bike has not received a name! Probably should get on that……

Tell Us About Your Rig?

In 2019 I had two of my bikes stolen off my truck (they were locked up). My full suspension Santa Cruz Hightower and my hardtail bikepacking Honzo were both stolen. A friend put out the alarm bells on social media and the woman who bought the Santa Cruz from the thief saw the post, contacted me, and returned the bike :) She is an amazing lady and got infinite kudos from the universe for it. The Honzo bikepacking rig unfortunately never turned up, and as the 2020 pandemic was right around the corner it was hard to find a replacement bike during the supply chain shortages, so I decided to build my own. 

I'm super proud of this bike! It’s the first bike build I did custom. As with many endeavors you think will be quick, fun, and rewarding - building my own rig was certainly rewarding but not very quick, not very fun at times, and cost a lot more than I would have liked. However; I have the bike of my dreams and enjoyed learning a ton about bike components, specs, and parts that would fit my unique vision, hunting for deals and splurging for the nice stuff when it mattered. 

So yeah, I ride a steel frame Honzo hardtail bikepacking rig with 27.5 inch plus-sized wheels, Fox float 34 front suspension, a SRAM 10-52 drivetrain with the super granny gear for crushing hills, and most importantly, an extra cool gold headset. I love the bike, it’s super fun to ride on casual days and performs well when loaded up for bikepacking adventures!

Any Favorite Memories On Your Bike?

Slogging up an endless hill with a fully loaded bikepacking rig, really is a great time. 

Favorite Local Trail to Ride? 

For me Porcupine Rim in Moab is all time. I love shuttling to the top and riding UPS and LPS before Porcupine, but in the winter when there are no tourists in Moab my favorite way to ride the trail is making it a loop and riding up the Sand Flats road from town. Porcupine rim is the bottom half of the famous Whole Enchilada trail, and although I think everyone should ride the Enchilada once in their lifetime, you get the best bang for your buck sticking with just Porcupine rim. The best part of the trail is getting to the lookout at the top of Porcupine Rim down at our house in Castle Valley. I’m not sure how many people in the world get to ride a famous bike trail and say "I can see my house from here!"


Anna in her natural habitat


Shop Boneshaker's one-of-a-kind Top Tube Bags made by Anna out of old TREW Gear that just got a new lease on life!



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