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Cosmic & Stella PRIMO Go 'Best Of' in 2023/24 Blister Gear Guide

By Katherine Donnelly on

If the onset of Fall means one thing, it's that we're oh so close to the beginning of Winter. But with the changing seasons comes a few other perks that we don't take lightly around here, including apple cider donuts, ski/snowboard movie tours, first dustings on summits....and, maybe obvious based on the title of this article, gear guides!

For our own personal gear picking and shopping, the TREW team looks to a number of trusted publications for guidance - but no gear guide out there has quite the reputation for heavy testing and deeply honest, thorough reviews than Blister. IYKYK. Which is why, when we got word from their editors recently that they selected some of our new TREW gear for their 'Best Of' 23/24 Gear Guide, we were over the moon in a very big way. We'll let their Gear Guide take it from here...

BEST OF: The Stella Jacket PRIMO & Cosmic Jacket PRIMO

"We already really likes the women's Stella and men's Cosmic jackets, and the PRIMO versions are even better. Their comfortable-yet-rugged fabric, generous feature sets, and clean aesthetics made them the go-to resort shells for two of our editors."

As if this wasn't cool enough, Blister's own Luke Koppa recently wrote about his favorite gear for this coming season and he swears by the Cosmic PRIMO (paired with his go-to TREW Nuyarn baselayers)!



These bibs didn't quite make the cut for the short 'Best Of' list, but they still made some testers very happy - happy enough to get a shout out as a Blister 'recommended' product for 2023/24! With the sheer amount of bibs and pants that the Chariot PRIMO went toe-to-toe with, we're still incredibly honored to have these bad mamajamas make an appearance!


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  • Angelina Gahart on

    I can’t wait to try out your primo bibs plus size gear, I am a 2X & short AF so 5’4” kinda hard to find gear that fits plus I am a snowboarder. Been riding for 20 yrs but 2kids later has taken a toll thanks for proving gear for women like me who has a passion & love for the mountains & snowboarding. Would love to win some gear. Thx! Bless up

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