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SHOP EARLY: Here's How We're Doing the Holidays this Season

By Katherine Donnelly on

Yep, it's nearly that time. The holidays are creeping closer - and I think for many of us, the incoming gift-giving season has us remembering all those stressful shipping fiascos that occurred last year.  Inventory confusion, shipping backups, dead-end tracking numbers, lost or stolen packages, and items showing up months after anticipated delivery's enough to have me thinking of sitting this year out and sticking to handing out free hug coupons to loved ones.

But luckily for everyone (especially those on my shopping list who would rather jump a bridge than endure another one of my weird, one-armed hugs), we can avoid the traumatic holidays of 2020 by taking one simple step: SHOP EARLY!

Seriously though. If you're reading this and haven't started to check off your digital gift list, START THIS VERY INSTANT! Or else you're in for another headache of a holiday season, and there's really not much we can do about it. 


We're shifting our holiday sale up!

Whoever decided that the best time to shop for gifts was at the very end of November clearly didn't anticipate the rise of online shopping. If you are shopping in person, then it's not nearly as big of a deal to get moving - but the reality is that the vast majority of holiday gifts are purchased online and shipped to their destinations. 

In a big push to shift gift-buying behaviors so that we can all enjoy the holidays in peace with those we love, we're changing how we do things and moving our holiday sale to begin at the start of November.

The name of the game here: the earlier you shop, the more you save. Here's how it will work:

  • November 3-14: we will be offering our biggest holiday discounts early - to our email subscribers only. This will be the best chance to buy the gear you want at great prices, and I'll tell you right now...things are going fast around here, and you're gonna want to get a move on. If you are already on our email list, you're good to go; if you are not yet a subscriber, then I highly encourage you to get signed up pronto - see below.
  • November 22-29: We will still have some great sales running during the traditional Black Friday/Cyber Monday craze, but some products will not be discounted due to inventory - and we will likely be out of some awesome colors in key sizes by this time. 
  • December: For those last-minute shoppers, we will have exclusive deals on TREW gift cards that will make for great gifts at any price range. Email subscribers will also receive an additional gift with any gift card purchase :) 



Shop early, and we can all be doing more of this once the holidays arrive. Photo: Zoya Lynch

A bit more background on what's going on

It's no secret these days that there are many forces and factors leading to longer ship times. This includes stocking up our own inventory with new product, as well as shipping that product out to your home. And it's not just at TREW, but at nearly all manufacturers, retailers, and e-commerce brands alike. 

Many reasons for these delays can be traced back to COVID and the long-term implications that can be felt from the global pandemic. Factory lockdowns, lower manufacturing capacities, and new safety protocols have led to longer lead times on the items your searching for; this doesn't just hit your finished products either, but also impacts all of the materials and sourcing that goes into your new TREW jacket or that shiny new bike your kid wants so badly. 

Add to this the worker shortage in certain industries that are crucial to supply chains, as well as the exponentially increased freight times and costs, and you're looking at a pretty jacked up situation. Honestly, it's a miracle in itself that we even have new outerwear for you to shop with the incessant uphill battle that businesses are dealing with these just be 

<< Learn more + check out our pre-order shipping schedule here. >>

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