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2021/22 Outerwear Pre-order Shipping Schedule

By Katherine Donnelly on

Similar to last year, COVID-19 has continued to have some major impacts on our supply chain and manufacturing; in addition to these hurdles, we are in the middle of quite the freight back up. As a result, the full delivery of our new 2021/22 lineup has been slightly delayed (although you can shop some of our 3L classic styles and all of our new 2L styles right now - see here).

We know it's less than ideal, but we're hard at work trying to get all of our new 3-layer jackets and bibs - both from the PNW 3L and Capow collections - into our warehouse and online for all of you fine folks before the snow flies. 

The bulk of our new gear will be arriving to our Portland, OR warehouse in various different deliveries over the next few weeks. This includes some different batches of the same product arriving at different times (ex. we now have the first batch of Cosmic Jackets in all colors in stock and shipping, but we will have more coming in a month or if you see that the jacket you would like is sold out or back in pre-order, then look below for more info on ETA)

Below you will find information pertaining to when each and every piece of the new TREW Gear line will be available for shipment from our site!

2021/22 Preorder Shipping Schedule

New 2L Collection is in stock and shipping now.

The following is in stock and shipping:

If the item you would like is showing up as pre-order, it means that we have sold out of current inventory....but we have more coming! The following items will be restocked soon and are expected to ship out from our warehouse in early February:

Color/size combinations that appear as ADD TO CART are available at our warehouse and will ship soon after order it placed.

Color/size combinations that appear as PRE-ORDER will ship from warehouse as soon as it is available. Hover over the PRE-ORDER button for estimated shipping date. 

Color/size combinations that appear as SOLD OUT are no longer available for the foreseeable future. 


We will have even more stock coming in a few more shipments in February/March/April, so if you see that the size/color that you are interested in is SOLD OUT we suggest that you sign up for notification of re-stock to get first dibs on the next shipment of items. 

Stay tuned for more info, and sign up to be notified when new gear arrives here.

Check back for updates. 

Please note, these are estimates and we'll update these dates if anything is delayed or moves faster than expected. We are doing everything in our power to keep things on time and get you your gear, but as is the theme of 2020, there seems to always be some amount of uncertainty surrounding shipping and operations. Please be patient, and we will keep open communication with you on any updates! 

Preorders are able to be cancelled or updated if needed.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at!

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  • ethan on

    Hi there! Just checking if the pre-order Capow jacket is still planning on being shipped December 18 and how long shipping will take? Trying to plan for a late December ski trip. psyched to get the jacket. Thanks

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