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First Marty Descents: Going Big in the Monashee Mountains

By Michael Hibbs on

Marty grew up at The Blanket Glacier Chalet, cuddled deep in the Monashee Mountains and raised mutually by his parents, Al and Marion Schaffer, and the natural playground in his backyard. To say Marty knows the Blanket Glacier like the back of his hand....well, that would be the understatement of the century!

With Marty being the official Captain of the Canadian Powder Guides, CAPOW, he is often regarded as the man with a plan. His knowledge runs deep in the backcountry - and if there is anyone you'd want showing you around the this part of the world, it should without a doubt be this guy right here.

Not only is Marty knowledgable, but he also rips on two planks. Riding for K2 skis, he can hold his own against anybody; shredding anything from glades and pillows to dropping massive cliffs, Marty truly is a jack of all trades. In this video, Marty takes us through some of the most recent first descents in his backyard. If his personable presence doesn't reel you in, his seemingly effortless style on sticks sure will. Enjoy!

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