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Getting to Know TREW Athlete, Hank Stowers

By Jess Joyner on


Hank Stowers is a human being well worth knowing - and if you're lucky, you may find yourself sharing a patch of snow or a well-built jump on Hood with them. If you do have the honor, get ready to have a grand old time. And to be inspired by not only Hank's effortless abilities on two sticks, but their inspirational take on the world, life, skiing, and much, much more.

Hank is a Portland-based freeride skier, and an advocate and organizer for inclusivity and equity in skiing, through an affinity group that they co-founded, Open Slopes PDX



Tell Us More Hank!....

Current Home Town? Portland, Oregon

How do you celebrate pride and what does it mean to you?

Pride to me is equal parts celebration and call to action. In 2023, there were over 500 bills introduced that seek to eradicate transgender people in U.S. legislation. More than 80 of those have passed so far. As a trans, genderfluid person, I think that Pride is a great opportunity to learn about the history of oppression, resistance, and revolution that LGBTQ+ communities, and particularly the Black, Brown, and Indigenous people within those communities, have endured. I think the first step toward real solidarity with any community is to learn about our history, so I hope that LGBTQ+ Allies are doing some research this month! And then also I really like dancing and skiing with other Queer people, so I'll be doing a bunch of that.


Tell us a little about the organization you co-founded, Open Slopes PDX.

Open Slopes is a two year-old mutual aid project, with the central goal of creating equitable spatial change in snow-sports communities. For us, that means that we literally want to see ski areas become more Black, more Brown, more Indigenous, Trans, and Queer. We believe that transforming these spaces not only creates more opportunities for disenfranchised communities to find radical joy, but it also supports the health and wellbeing of the snow-sports community in its entirety. Boots on the ground, we mostly do three things; we run fully cost-funded introductory snow-sports experiences for BIPOC participants (mentored by BIPOC instructors), we host LGBTQ+ meetups and on-snow clinics for all-levels skiers and snowboarders, and we throw phenomenal dance parties. Going into our third full season, we are going to be introducing scholarships, backcountry clinics, gear giveaways, and a whole lot more. 

Where/when did you learn how to ski or snowboard?

I took my first turns when I was two years old at Purgatory, Colorado

Item(s) you never leave home without?

A cute outfit and a ridiculous pair of sunglasses


Dawn or dusk patrol?

Dawn (Usually having not slept the previous night, let's be real)

Perfect day on snow: go!

Powder day at Skibowl and touring out of bounds to Mirror Lake, followed by an evening rope tow session with my pals.


What's your favorite smell?

Green Chiles roasting in a New Mexico parking lot

Go-To Karaoke Song?

Take On Me - Ah-Ha

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go, who would you bring, and what would you do?

I'd probably just go ski at Mt. Hood with my Open Slopes homies

Anything else you want to share?

Pride was, is, and will forever be, a Riot!


Want more? Hear Hank sit down with TREW Athlete and Podcast Host Renee McCurdy on the Big Stick Energy Podcast, watch them in Maritime Air, and follow their shredding shenanigans and on tik tok
All photos taken by the talented @finnwithanf

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