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Watch Now: Hank Stowers' Maritime Air Parts I & II

By Katherine Donnelly on

Maybe you have already heard of Hank Stowers and have seen their film project, 'Maritime Air'. Maybe you haven't.

Regardless, this is a human being well worth knowing - and if you're lucky, you may find yourself sharing a patch of snow or a well-built jump on Hood with them. If you do have the honor, get ready to have a grand old time. And to be inspired by not only Hanks effortless abilities on two sticks, but their inspirational take on the world, life, skiing, and much, much more.

While Hank hasn't been an 'official' TREW ambassador, per se, we've been insanely fortunate to have them repping our gear this past season. And so, when the Maritime Air Part II went live just a couple of weeks ago, we touched base with Hank to hear more about this project and learn more about the evolving journey they have been on. And what Hank wanted to share with you all - plus both Part I and Part II of Maritime Air - can be found below, so keep scrolling!

One thing we can promise you: this won't be the last time you hear about Hank.  

Maritime Air: Part I

"Hi, I’m Hank. I use any gender pronouns. I’m a queer and non-binary person, I’m 27, I currently live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a freeskier.

On making a Queer Ski Film

I made Maritime Air because it was a vision that I wanted to see. I think that the idea originated from watching Lil Nas X’s Call Me By Your Name. Seeing queer people unreservedly redefine heteronormative spaces is really powerful. Queerness and skiing are interconnected at the axis of expression for me, so it felt necessary to make a film that ties together the most creative parts of my identity. The opening vignette follows me stripping for money to buy skis, which is sort-of symbolism for some stints of sex work I was doing while unemployed and underemployed in the last few years. I do capital Q queer stuff throughout the film, and that was my intention from the start, because being LGBTQ+ has always been about more than who you bring to bed for me. I would really like for this film to act as an affirmation to queer skiers who are struggling, as well as a source of LGBTQ+ Confusion for ski dudes who haven’t done enough soul searching yet.

Photo by Christopher Newett.

On Mount Hood

We shot Maritime Air entirely in the Mt. Hood National Forest. It felt really meaningful to pay homage to a tradition of innovative riding on the volcano. Despite not first visiting Mt. Hood until my mid-twenties, A lot of my childhood was defined by films shot here. We hit a few spots that were inspired by iconic moments in freeskiing history, and may have opened a few new lines too.

Maritime Air: Part II 

On the Part with the TREW Kit

In the months after we filmed Part 1, I kind of hit a stride with myself and my queer expression. I came out to my parents, I got a new job. I got new skis and a kit from Trew, and I went into winter feeling like a new person.  We filmed freeride lines on Mount Hood from January through the last week of April. In the time that Finn and I spent together shooting the project, he really picked up and understood my vision for the project, and he brought so many impressive visual and stylistic choices that enhanced what I dreamt it could be. The best skiing is in Part 2, but I’m proud of how the whole project came out. It feels like watching a projection of my imagination from a year in the past, which is cool because I’ve evolved into the version of myself that I wanted to see back then. Queer, dramatic, and confident! 

Photo by Finn Peterson.


"I have nothing but good things to say about the Trew jacket and bibs that I wore this season. The bibs have phenomenal ventilation systems for hiking and jump building, and they kept me warm all winter. The Cosmic Jacket is the best jacket I’ve ever owned in regards to waterproofing, fit, and style. Good people cool threads!"

^ We didn't even ask him to talk up his TREW threads....but since he did, we thought we would include it in there ;)

Feature photo by Zach Joseph

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