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Minute Magic: Timberline Lodge | Mount Hood, OR

By Michael Hibbs on

Oftentimes in Oregon, we completely forget that there's even such a thing as the "off-season." We find ourselves spoiled with Mt. Hood offering year long riding right in our backyard; from powder in the winter and slushy corn in the summer, we really do get to experience it all. 

So whether park riding is your thing, gates get you giddy, or you solely just want to take a tour up to Illumination Rock, there really is something for everyone on this little slice of paradise called Timberline Lodge

After a season spent up north at Mt. Baker, Hunter Knoll decided it was time to hit the beach and shred some melting waves. From dropping lines at Baker to flowing through the park, Mr. Knoll truly is well-rounded rider and we thoroughly enjoy every day we get to spend chasing him around his home turf of Wy'east. We think you'll like his style, too - so watch the video and get stoked on shredding with Hunter and friends.

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