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5x Faster Drying

8.8x More Abrasion Resitant

53% More Wind Resistant

85% More Elasticity

50% Greater Tensile Strength

35% More Thermal Retention

Do more with less.

Nuyarn's core technology reinvents the traditional method of constructing yarn by eliminating the twists. This core innovation improves the performance of the finished fabrics by

Better stretch

The increased elasticity of Nuyarn technology creates a more comfortable and durable garment that will move with your body. The inherent stretch also improves the durability and will last the entire lifespan of the garment.


Nuyarn outlasted ringspun equivalents in a standard martindale abrasion test by up to 8.8x times. This durability means a longer-lasting wool garment that can withstand rugged outdoor use.

Quick to dry

There is more aeration in Nuyarn which creates more capabilities to dry moisture that it absorbs, making quick work of your body's vapor or any spillage from quaffing a cold ale.

Always cozy

The loft of Nuyarn creates more insulating potential and retention. Helping you conserve energy in the backcountry or max out your everyday comfort.