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Our Nuyarn Tee is a Top Pick on The Manual

By Katherine Donnelly on

Pinch us! Getting to see our Nuyarn products on The Manual's recent article for their top picks for lightweight, summer-ready merino wool clothing for men is a huge deal for us....and we couldn't be more stoked about being sandwiched between two of the merino heavy-hitters, Smartwool and Icebreaker!

And while we love all of our products from the Nuyarn Collection, there is a very special place in our hearts - as well as many of our customers' - for the Pocket Tee, which is the top that is reaping the accolades and shining in the spotlight today. 

"This minimalist pocket tee is designed for everyday wear and boasts remarkable versatility and a stylish design. Additionally, the T-shirt boasts 85% more elasticity and 50% greater tensile strength, ensuring it remains durable and reliable during outdoor activities like hiking or mountain biking. With a $75 price tag, it’s a bit of a splurge, but it’s so much more than a basic T-shirt and it comes in nine different colors that will suit any skin tone."

>> Check out the full article here! <<

If you haven't already filled your dresser with a nice range of Nuyarn tops, you're missing out. Big time. So check out the collection below and grab a couple of tops before they're gone!


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