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Putting PRIMO to the Test: Reviews the TREWth Bib + Cosmic Jacket

By Katherine Donnelly on

Anytime we release a new item, it's become the norm for us to send some kits over to our friends over at Engearment to get their take. We've long looked to Sean and his team for thorough testing in diverse conditions, and above all, honest feedback. So when we dropped the new Primo Collection this past Fall, it was with excited anticipation and high hopes that we popped a pair of the TREWth Bibs PRIMO and a Cosmic Jacket PRIMO in the mail to Colorado....

While a true test of a garment and its durability can't be revealed until it's been worn for a few seasons, the Engearment team recently published their first impressions on the new and improved men's outerwear kit featuring a few tweaks to the fit, features, and most importantly, our new PNW 3L Primo fabric woven from 100% recycled nylon

Here's what they had to say:

The Cosmic Jacket PRIMO 



Sean is 6'1", 210 lbs with 45" chest, 33" waist, and is wearing a size Large Cosmic PRIMO and a size XL - Regular TREWth Bib Primo.

If anyone can find opportunity for improvements on our gear, we trust it to be these guys; we look forward to hearing more from Sean + co. as they continue to wear the PRIMO threads out and rack up days on snow. 



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