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Zipper Care 101: Cleaning + Lubricating Your Zippers

By Michael Hibbs on

Skiing and snowboarding are the epitome of adrenaline-action-packed fun. Whether it be sleet, rain or dumping snow, the idea of staying dry during snow sports is the 'make or break' of a good day -- and having solid, clean, and functioning zippers greatly heighten the chances of a dry day.

With that being said, there are simple things that can lengthen your zippers' lifetime and increase their functionality. The reality is that every zipper on your outerwear has the potential to let moisture through; zippers act as a gateway for waterproof outerwear and with us and abuse zippers can get stuck, break, or deteriorate to the point where they no longer act as waterproof. Making sure your zippers are clean and lubricated will have them zipping up like butter and keeping any unwanted moisture out.

Always remember that a little tender love here and there with your gear can make the difference. So stay tuned to "How To with Trew" because we want you dry and stoked... you little #stokedweirdo, you ;)

Favorite + featured products

As shown in the video, we love using the following products to keep our zippers happy and thriving for seasons to come:


For more helpful How To with TREW videos, head over here. You can also learn more about gear care and repair by heading over to our Gear Care page. 

You can always reach out to our customer support team at with any questions as well - we're always here and happy to help out!

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