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Where to Have Your Winter Outerwear Professionally Cleaned + Reproofed

By Katherine Donnelly on

So it's time to clean your winter outerwear, huh?

Your jacket is covered in grime, your bibs still have bark hanging off of them from that last close-call with a tree... maybe you took a little spill in the parking lot, wiped up on your car, and are now sporting a stylish combo of salt, dirt, and who knows what else? Yeah, we've all been there. 

First off: wash your gear!

Rather than letting that dirt and debris sit for awhile and wreck havoc on your gear, you should really make it a priority to get things back in pristine order. Why is that you ask? Well, it's not just because we want you to look good out there...although that's definitely a perk. But the main reasoning is that keeping your outerwear clean through regular washings will actually keep it performing better over time.

Water beading and dispersing effectively on a clean jacket.

Yes, you read that correctly: by washing (and tumble drying) your gear on a regular basis, you will actually keep your gear performing at its best and ultimately lengthen the life of your beloved outerwear. When nonporous fabrics accumulate dirt and oils on the surface, the waterproofing and breathability of the garment will suffer; as a result, you will find yourself getting damp (or downright drenched) - a combination of outside moisture getting through the face fabric and condensation building inside your outerwear from a lack of airflow and breathability.

How + where do I wash my outerwear?

Good question, you're on the right track. TREW Gear, as well as most technical outerwear on the market these days, can actually be cleaned easily at home using your standard washer and dryer. So before you look at sending your gear out for a pro job, consider taking on the task yourself; it really couldn't be easier (or more fun) when we've put together our handy dandy How to Wash Your Outerwear guide.

But sometimes, whether it be lack of time, lack of confidence, or just pure laziness (we've all been there), sending your winter kit out to a professional to be thoroughly cleaned can make the most sense. And when those instances roll around, here are some of our top picks for trustworthy places that can clean your outerwear items (among other offerings):

*also offers re-waterproofing services, if needed


Share your input! If you know of another repair shop or sewer who specializes in outdoor gear and outerwear, let us know and we'll add them to the list.

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