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2L vs. 3L Outerwear Explained

By Katherine Donnelly on


The winter outerwear world is filled with tech specs, lingo, and jargon even we find to be too much sometimes. At first glance, one might just think "hey, it is just a jacket!" While this is true, there is a lot that goes into a jacket or a bib - and knowing at least a little about some of the key differences (like 2L vs. 3L construction) can ensure that you end up in the right gear for you and make your time in the mountains that much better.

If you typically shy away once the tech talks begin, we totally get you. But we think that our CEO and resident fabric nerd, Chris, can change the way you see the complexities behind outerwear construction as he gives you the brief version of 2L vs. 3L winter fabrics. How does a 2L or a 3L garment perform? How does the water-resistance, waterproofing, durability, breathability, and comfort level compare between the two options? Find out in this rendition of TREW Tech with Chris.

Whether you are in bounds or out, one of these options is sure to be the garment of your dreams. So tune in now so you can drop out this winter!

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