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Where to Have Your Winter Outerwear Professionally Repaired

By Katherine Donnelly on
Feature photo courtesy of Rugged Thread.

Got a rip in your favorite snow jacket? Broken zipper on your go-to pair of ski bibs?

We know all too well that when we're out enjoying the great outdoors, our outerwear can take a beating - and it's not all-together uncommon for things to go awry in the mountains, consequentially wrecking havoc on our gear.

TREW has been a long-time advocate for fixing over nixing since our inception, and we offer our customers a comprehensive warranty program as well as subsidized repair pricing for TREW items. Our outerwear doesn't last forever, no matter how hard we wish it, but regular maintenance and good care practices will make a huge difference in your gear's longevity and performance. And when shit inevitably happens - and you accidentally have a run-in with a tree trunk or a pair of sharp edges - there's really no need to get too stressed out. The world of gear repair is quickly expanding, and fixing your technical outerwear is easier and more affordable than ever before.

In the past, a tear or broken zipper might have led you to just give up on your item and instead purchase a new one. We won't tell you not to - we totally understand wanting the newest colorways and designs :) - but we do highly encourage you to take some time and give your gear some love. The majority of gear issues can be easily repaired, either by a professional or as a DIY project in the comfort of your own home. Which brings us to the main point of this article: where can you get your winter outerwear professionally repaired? When your gear needs a bit more care then you're able to provide, we highly recommend finding a local technical sewer to help you out. The folks and businesses listed below are experienced and well-versed in the world of outdoor gear, and can quickly get your outerwear back up to snuff at reasonable costs to you.

Please note that COVID-19 has likely had an impact on most - if not all - of the below businesses and their repair services and policies may be limited at this time.


The Fixed Line in Girdwood


Technical Equipment Cleaners in Truckee

Narain's Outdoor Sewing + Repairs in Berkeley


Mercy Mosher in East Hampton


Bare Boulder Design and Repair in Lafayette

Boulder Mountain Repair in Boulder

Gear Re-store in Thornton

FERAL in Denver

San Juan Sewing in Durango 


Repair Lair in Minneapolis


The Green Darner** in Bozeman


Mountain Soles and Outdoor Threads in Portland

Rugged Thread** in Bend

Gear Fix in Bend

Outdoor Gear Repair in Eugene

Skunk Mountain Sewing (currently relocating to Eugene)


Gear Re-store in Folcroft


Outdoor Gear Works in Franklin


Lone Pine Gear Exchange in Salt Lake City


Outdoor Gear Exchange in Burlington


Specialty Outdoors in Spokane

Rainy Pass in Seattle


Needle and Shred in Jackson


Mr. Mender** in Sechelt, BC 

Renewt Technical Apparel Specialist in Richmond, BC

Outdoor Gear Doctor in Banff, AB

Gear Re-store in Calgary, AB

Australia + New Zealand

One Planet, assorted locations

** These technical repair locations are the very same that we at TREW use for our warranty repairs - and we could not recommend them more!

The Afterlife Project

Even if you do end up swapping in for that new color Cosmic Jacket or the newest Chariot Bib design, your old gear still has a lot of life - and adventure - to give. Don't just throw it out, get it fixed and put it to use! If not with you, then we are sure we can find someone who will give it a good home with The Afterlife Project

Share your input! If you know of another repair shop or sewer who specializes in outdoor gear and outerwear, let us know and we'll add them to the list. 

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