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Welcome to the TREW Crew, Ski The Whites!

By Katherine Donnelly on

Well, it's official. You can now find TREW in a little shop right at the doorstep of New Hampshire's White Mountains...please help us welcome Ski The Whites to the TREW Crew!

If you're in need of trusted local knowledge, quality gear + services for you backcountry pursuits, and a tight-knit community of those gritty New England skiers and splitboarders who call this corner of the country home, then look no further.

We're more than honored to hang on the walls of this small yet mighty corner store right on Main Street in Jackson, NH, and we hope that if you're ever in the neighborhood you'll stop in, say hi, and at the very least grab a delicious espresso drink for the road (the beans are roasted in the basement!). 

About Ski The Whites

More than just a physical location, Ski The Whites is the product of one man's ceaseless passion for all things human-powered - and that man is Andrew Drummond. If you're from these parts (or even just a little familiar with them) then this guy needs no introduction; he's been a strong figure in the ski scene around New England and beyond for some time now, and he continues to lead the way to putting the White Mountains on the map as a premier destination for those in search of adventure.

The man himself, Andrew keeps his 'office' right in the middle of everything so you can't miss him.

Ski The Whites offers a small shop packed with hand-picked items that Andrew and his team trust, from brands like yours TREWly, Norrona, Fischer, Pret Helmets, Black Crows, Voile, Dynafit, and many more. In the winter, their location is a hub for all things touring and splitboarding; whether you're an aspiring backcountry traveler, an experienced ski mountaineer, or really anything in between, you'll find a home here.

And when the snow melts - as it invariably does every Spring once mud season rolls around - this corner store transitions into your one-stop shop for anything trail running, mountain biking, and more. 

In this unique nook of the country, there are a ton of stores to choose from when buying your what sets Ski The Whites apart? Our Director of Operations and resident east-coaster, Katherine, got the chance to pop in and spend the day with Andrew and co., and here's her take on why you should make a trip to 211 Main St:

  • The people: first and foremost, it's the people who make this place special. Andrew's reputation as a world-class athlete precedes him, and his knowledge, experience, and unrelenting passion is evident when he talks about both the items in his shop as well as the surrounding mountains. He has also assembled a crew of minding and equally zealous humans around him and in all, these people are the real deal! If you have been searching for a technical shop that knows their shit but remains friendly + approachable, then you've come to the right place.
  • The gear selection: while this isn't the big box store with a massive amount of choices, you can find everything you could ever need or want for a day in the mountains. It's all about quality over quantity here - and you can rest assured that everything you find in Ski The Whites has been put through the wringer by the very same people who are assisting you as you browse. 
  • The customers + community: I think that one of the best indications of a successful business is getting a glimpse at the people who frequent it. I stopped by STW on a day that they weren't even open to the public, but that didn't stop folks from both near and far from popping in anyways -- and Andrew was quick to welcome anyone in. It was clear that there is a deep-rooted love for this shop in both the local community and New England as a whole, as Maine, Mass., Vermont, and New York plates pulled in and out of the lot just as frequently as the local 'Live Free Or Die' slogan. And from the smiles on everyone faces, I would say Andrew seems to be doing something very right here.
  • The coffee: sure, a lot of people enjoy roasting coffee in their free time....but does that mean that what they're making is good? Not always. Well, I can attest that the beverages coming out of this place are not just good, but great. So great that I ended up trying nearly every espresso beverage on the menu and ended up not getting one wink of sleep that night, but it was 100% worth it. Plus, it was awesome getting to check out the roasting operation in the basement!
You can never have enough Voile straps....just sayin'.
Shop dog, Squall, waiting for the next adventure.
Hard to choose just one, eh?
Every cup, made with love.
Beans for the road....or the trail.
The walls are flanked with Andrews own photography, and this shot of Squall was a personal favorite.

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  • Dave Generali on

    Hey Katherine, great article and this shop sounds like a completely
    Killer place. Need to keep this place on my radar!

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