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Breaking Barriers in the Ski Industry with Humaira Falkenberg

By Katherine Donnelly on


Look back on your life, and the countless people you have met in your adventures, and there is sure to be that one person (or if you lucky, maybe a few people) who are just overwhelmingly amazing. You know, that person who leave you a bit speechless - and maybe a little intimidated at first - with just how undeniably incredible they's not just their personality, intellect, or attitude, it's an intangible force that emanates from them that words can't even begin to grasp or depict. You can't help but feel bigger and more radiant yourself when you're in the midst of such a person, and you come away from each moment shared with new lessons learned and unbounded hope...

Well, for me it's Humaira Falkenberg. And every time I get to see her, or even hear her voice, the level of amazement and respect for this human just continues to grow. I know that I'm not alone in feeling this way about Humaira, as she has a long list of accomplishments throughout many different realms of this world and she continues to do inspiring work with enduring grace, empathy, and positivity. I could go on, but I would much rather let you see for yourself just what I am talking about...

Humaira's work in the snow sports world is just the top of the iceberg on her impressive resume, and there really is no better steward to building a welcoming outdoor space for all. There's no denying that we all have a long ways to go before we can call the ski + snowboard industry inclusive, but with her in the lead I am so very excited and optimistic for the road ahead. I'll leave it there, and pass it on to her to tell you more: 



Everyone here at TREW is absolutely ecstatic to have Humaira repping our gear, spreading the TREWth, and we can't wait to work with her and learn from her as we continue to become a better brand into the future!

Spoiler alert: this won't be the last you'll be hearing about her in our journal...stay tuned :)

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  • Deirdre McCaughey on

    Fantastic video – kudos to you Humaira!!
    Love your courage and strength!!
    Email me if you ever find yourself in the Alberta Rockies – would love to share the slopes with you.

  • Jess Thomson on

    Super psyched to see this partnership launch. We are TREW riders with a 12-year-old with cerebral palsy, who rides a sit ski. We’ve definitely noticed there’s room for more JEDI in the industry, and would love to join the cause (or at least cheer).

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