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By Jess Joyner on

One [that's right ONE] vest to rule them all!


TREW homie, past TREW Product Developer, and talented maker and designer - Dorothy Wang's, upcycling wheels got turning when she found an old forgotten roll of grid fleece in the basement at HQ. She then uncovered a stack of parts and pieces from old TREW jackets and bibs stuffed into a bin and knew she had to get sewing. After weeks of sketching, patterning, mock-ups, and fit sessions Dorothy created one vest to rule them all. THE BEST VESTBecause lower case doesn't give it the respect it deserves. 


NOW LIVE! Our most unique Afterlife Drop yet......THE BEST VEST is finally here! 


If snacks are your thing, the pockets on this bad mama jama won't leave you hangin!


Meet designer extraordinaire Dorothy Wang....

Tell us about yourself!

Hi, I’m Dorothy! I’m currently taking some time away from the snow to enjoy the sunshine and surf in Morocco. I recently graduated from University of Oregon’s Sports Product Design Master’s program and worked as a Product Developer at TREW in Portland, OR. You can often find me outside with my camera; capturing friends on the mountain, exploring new trails on my bike, or finding the best ramen spot in town.

My goal is to keep designing fun and impactful, planet-positive, products to encourage people to get outside, move their bodies, and try new sports. A goal of mine is to share the beauty of making with everyone. I would love to create a community space to teach others how to reuse, repair, and create their own gear and apparel.


Dorothy in her element.

What's it like to make a product out of recycled TREW gear…..  

My journey in design started with upcycling old clothes into chalk bags. The idea of giving used items new purpose is a creative outlet I didn’t expect to enjoy so much. After working in the industry and realizing 85% of textiles produced end up in landfills, it seemed like a no-brainer to give some of these products new life. While working at TREW and understanding how our garments were constructed and the high-quality materials used, I was amazed by all the possibilities for reuse. It’s an analytical, creative, and impactful process that is also rewarding. Each piece is unique and carries its own story that can be shared. 


Dorothy combining two of her greatest loves - sewing and charcuteski.

Where do you ride in the winter?  

Currently, Mount Hood!

Go-To Mountain Snack?  

Sour gummies or a pocket 饭团 (fàntuán) aka Chinese stuffed rice balls.

Favorite Day on Snow, Go!!

I love a sunset tour with friends, some snacks (maybe a charcuteski??), and the mountain to ourselves.


Shop Dorothy's one-of-a-kind THE BEST VEST!


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