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#KeepitTREW Ep.1 Gunnar Hansen

By Katherine Donnelly on

In our newest video series, we're taking the mic to our community members to see how they #keepitTREW - both on the hill, as well as in their day-to-day lives.

#keepitTREW Episode 1 - Gunnar Hansen

To kick things off, we get to know a young man named Gunnar Hansen a bit better. He's no stranger to the snow industry, with a life full of shredding and his full-time gig building skis at Sego Skis. He rips on two sticks, and when he's not busy playing in the white stuff or working tirelessly at the Sego factory, you can find him working from his sewing machine in Victor, ID as he takes old, thrashed ski gear and breathes new life into it. 

Behind the scenes with Gunnar as he begins his creative process with some retired TREW Gear. Photo by Shannon Corsi.
He's been making really cool, one-of-a-kind hats out of used outerwear for a while now - which is how we came to know him; his instagram is a splattering of images showing off his creations, many of which showcase a large thumbs up. And with our recent launch of The Afterlife, we knew that we needed to team up with him in a more official capacity to make some righteous hats for the people. 

Watch the full episode below, and go give Gunnar a follow on Instagram to keep up with his creative adventures.

What does it mean to you to #keepitTREW?

Let us know on social for a chance to be featured and to win some really cool prizes from yours TREWly. Learn more here.


TREW stands for positivity, for having fun, and for looking on the bright side through this crazy thing we call life; the thumbs up is a symbol of this, and we do our very best to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously, both as a brand and as individuals. This is what TREW is all about, and we think that this mindset should resonate as much in our work as in our time in the mountains playing. 

And that's what the thumbs up has come to mean over the years. Get out there, have the most fun, and celebrate life with those who mean to the most to you. Get closer to the people and places that make your life worth living, and maybe get some turns in while you're at it ;) That's why we started TREW over a decade ago, and that's why we're still here today.

Feature photo by Shannon Corsi.

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