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Gear for the people.

Our community is the best. Hands down.

You brighten up our days and make us laugh; you keep us motivated to make our gear the best it can be; you challenge us to think outside of the box and create innovative solutions; you keep the positivity flowing and pass it along to everyone you meet, whether it be on the skin track, in the lift line, or in the parking lot after a day of snow chasing. 

So let's celebrate you, your adventures, and your fun-loving attitude.

Show us how you #KeepitTREW. 

Every week beginning this Fall (2021), we will randomly select a #KeepitTREW post on Instagram to feature on our account and will send out a special gift to the winner. To qualify, your post must tag @trewgear and include #KeepitTREW in the caption. 

Keep it TREW

What kind of photos are we looking for? It's a vibe...and we know you get it. 

When it all comes down to it, just getting outside and onto your boards is something to celebrate. We live in a chaotic world, and life's rarely easy. But getting the chance to step out of the house - even just for one day - and break free from the everyday stresses to enjoy some time for yourself in the mountains is the goal. Who cares what you do - how big you go, how fast you can ride, how 'cool' you look. We're firm believers that it's less about what you do than how you do it and who you do it with. It's the experience itself, and the connections you make with other awesome humans that make this sport so damn special...and so stinking fun! 

TREW stands for positivity, for having fun, and for looking on the bright side through this crazy thing we call life; the thumbs up is a symbol of this, and we do our very best to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously, both as a brand and as individuals. This is what TREW is all about, and we think that this mindset should resonate as much in our work as in our time in the mountains playing. 

And that's what the thumbs up has come to mean over the years. Get out there, have the most fun, and celebrate life with those who mean to the most to you. Get closer to the people and places that make your life worth living, and maybe get some turns in while you're at it ;) That's why we started TREW over a decade ago, and that's why we're still here today.