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Choosing the Right Bib for You: Men's 2020

As you may have already heard, TREW Gear is known for bibs. Our origins began with the idea for better bibs back in 2008, and here we are today still designing and selling some of the best frickin' bibs you'll ever put on. 

Your TREW Bib Options

TREW Gear was originally built around the TREWth Bib - our award-winning men’s ski and snowboard bib pants - and they’re still the best powder-riding snow bibs the world has ever seen. Overtime, our preferences and tastes have inevitably evolved, and so we introduced our Capow Bib in 2017 for those looking to push their alpine limits even further now have the backcountry touring and guiding. 

The original TREWth Bib, being modeled in 2008 by our stylish CEO, Chris.

Both the TREWth and the Capow bibs make great additions to your snow kit, but each model brings their own style, fit, and set of features to the party. Below is a detailed look at what each of these bib options tout and what you should consider when choosing the right bib for you!

Head to Head: The TREWth vs. Capow Bib 

Enter the TREWth Bib. It all started with the original TREWth design, and we're still sticking to it over a decade later! The TREWth bib is your burly best-friend, the bib you want with you when you venture into the unknown or awake to a legendary pow day; don't wait for the storm to pass, just grab a pair of these babies and get movin'. Superbly comfortable, rugged and roomy, the TREWth is built to tackle any type of weather out there with it's bomber PNW 3L construction keeping you high and dry all day long. 

Fast forward to 2020, and here's Chris still rocking his TREWth Bibs.

But then there's the Capow Bib. A few years after the TREWth was born, TREW began to explore the world of bibs designed specifically to backcountry touring - which brings us to the creation of the Capow Bib, designed and tested in collaboration with Marty Schaffer and CAPOW Guiding of Revelstoke, British Columbia. Tuned and articulated for gliding up the skin track but fully bibbed and burly for tackling big lines, the Capow Bib has everything a backcountry aficionado could dream of while still sporting the high-quality, durable workmanship that TREW has become known for. 

The Capow Bib, your new favorite ski partner in any condition.

So, what's the difference between the two styles?

We typically recommend our Capow Bib for touring, as that is what it was designed for, and we recommend our TREWth Bib to folks who spend most of their time inbounds/at resorts. That is not to say that you can't use our TREWth bib for touring and you can't use our Capow bib for resort riding, only that each bib will excel in the conditions and terrain is was made for. 

On paper, the breathability and waterproof ratings will be similar for both. After a lot of product testing, we found that the face fabric we are using for our PNW 3L gear is a tad better performing in gnarlier storm conditions; it sheds water better and is more durable. Meanwhile, the Dermizax/Capow is lighter, stretchier, and feels more breathable (plus it has both inner and outer vents on the leg) - resulting in better performance and ventilation in the backcountry.

While we could talk bibs for days, let's dive into the side-by-side comparison and show you just what makes these two bib designs shine:  

The TREWth

The Capow

Shell Material

3L PNW Fabric 

3L Dermizax EV 

Waterproof + Breathability Rating

20,000mm Waterproof/Breathable (20k/20k)

20,000mm Waterproof/Breathable (20k/20k)


Modern freeride/relaxed; a wider (baggier) leg

A more streamlined, slim-legged fit

Strap back design




  • Chest cargo and zippered storage pockets
  • Zip hand pockets
  • Flap thigh cargo pockets
  • Chest zippered storage pocket and beacon pocket
  • Zip hand pockets
  • Zip thigh cargo pockets

Front zip(s)

No full front zipper, but has a front fly zipper

Center-front zipper for main opening with two-way sliders

Side zip(s)

¾-length, dual-direction zip side vents  w/ top opening on both sides

¾-length dual-direction zip w/ top opening on wearer's right side, large vent side zip on left side

Inner leg vents


Beacon pocket


RECCO® reflector



Rubber-tipped cordage zipper pulls



Gusseted crotch



Internal boot gaiters with gripper elastic



Full coverage front and back bib



Belt loops



SuperFabric® cuffs and kick patches



Water-resistant zippers on all exposed openings



Adjustable shoulder straps with no-slip gripper




30.7 oz (size M)

29 oz. (size M)


And here's some side-by-side photos for the more visual folks out there, TREWth Bib on the left and Capow Bib on the right:

The chest pockets ^

Bibs from the front ^

Bibs from the back ^

Bib-Picking Hot Tips from TREW:

The Capow Bib has a slimmer fit. As specified in the above table, there is a noticeable difference in fit between the TREWth and the Capow bibs. For the tall and slender(er) folks out there, and for those with longer legs, the Capow Bib will likely be your new best friend as they sport a more streamlined pant leg and have a longer inseam. 

The TREWth Bib is a bit more burly. If you are known for tagging trees and breaking branches on your way down the hill, the TREWth Bib might be right for you as the PNW 3L shell material in these bibs will hold off abrasions, tears, and rips slightly better than the Dermizax EV on the Capow Bib. 

The Capow Bib has more give. Like your layers with a nice side of stretch? Then the Capow Bib will be your go to, as the Dermizax shell moves with you more and has more give than the TREWth Bib. We suggest taking this factor into account when choosing your size, as you might be a size up in the TREWth over the Capow because of the stretch - or lack there of.

The Capow Bib can go resort, and the TREWth Bib can go touring. For those who spend their time between the resort and the backcountry, we have found that many of our customers will chose the Capow Bib, as it is the most versatile and still has great durability and comfort for resort skiing. Some people do choose the TREWth bib over the Capow, but it's hard to give you a solid answer as everyone has their own style and preference. 

Our most popular Men's Bib is the TREWth - and for good reason! The TREWth ib is a great hybrid option, checking all of the boxes for both resort laps and backcountry tours. If you are going to have just one pair of bibs, this is a great choice - as seen in Best Ski Pants & Bibs for Men by Renoun. 


Have a question or want to double check with us before making the plunge on a model or size? Email our team at and we can help you out! 

We also offer easy returns and exchanges, so if you order the wrong size or want to change styles it's no big deal to swap out. See our Returns + Exchanges page here for more info.


Good afternoon. I am 5”11 205 all weight in my belly since I took a desk job. Lol I do resort ski and I am looking at the cosmic jacket xL and SnapBack Xl. Does this size sound right to you will use together on the hill and of course separate when needed . Also which bibs and size would you suggest? And if a certain color says pre order how long does that take? Thanks a bunch

By CW Rhodes on November 23, 2020

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