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Black Lives Matter

By Chris Pew on

Black Lives Matter. This is a moment of powerful anger, frustration, and sadness in our country. The heartbreaking truth is that this moment is so long overdue. It is humbling, intimidating, and painful, but we are committed to doing the work: learning, listening, and growing. 

We are backcountry skiers and snowboarders in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. We don’t pretend to be anything but students of this subject matter, and we know that we are relatively privileged and distanced from the injustices that face people of color across the nation. But, right now, we want to give this moment the undivided attention it deserves. This week we are pausing our normal operations and will be using that time to learn and reflect - both as individuals and as a company. 

A company is made up of individuals and those individuals compromise the fabric of our values, and racism and discrimination has no place at TREW. We look forward to learning and growing together, today and every day, and building a more equitable and conscientious company in the future. We welcome our community and peers to get in contact with us with any constructive questions, comments, or learning opportunities. This is a learning process for a lot of us, and we can do better. We will do better.

Chris Pew, CEO

Katherine Donnelly, Operations Manager

Michael Hibbs, Marketing Manager 



Here are some good places to donate:

Campaign Zero

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People 

Minneapolis Community Foundation: Fund Information

Unite Oregon

Portland African American Leadership Fund

In Solidarity

Reclaim the Block



Want to support and learn from People of Color in outdoors? This is far from an exhaustive list, but follow these inspiring individuals and organizations:

Melanin Basecamp

The Great Outchea

Brown Girls Climb

The Brown Ascenders

Color Outside

All Mountain Brothers

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