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If you want to design the perfect kit for backcountry skiers and snowboarders, a really good place to start is with the people that live in their gear: professional backcountry guides. So we turned to our friends up north, the Canadian Powder Guides - a.k.a. Capow Guiding.


The Capow Guides are incredible sources of inspiration for design - not only because they have specific needs themselves, but also because they have thousands of hours of observing clients using different gear in the backcountry.

It was from this vast well of experience and observations that we drew from to design the Capow Kit...both in 2018 for the debut design and for the all-new 2024 collection.

What makes the Capow Collection different? It sets out to give us all of the breathability and movement that we need for touring, while providing protection and durability for anything we might encounter in the mountains.

This is gear inspired by the backcountry, thoughtfully designed and built to last.


Marking this collection's fifth season, 2024 brings about some clutch updates to this fan-favorite jacket and bib. New reinforced kickpanel fabric on the bibs, updated fit on the jacket, pocket tweaks throughout; the 2024 Capow is hands down the best touring kit we've ever made.

Don't worry, the Capow lineup still boasts the same beloved Dermizax fabric with 20k/45k+ ratings, and the lengthy list of backcountry-focused features....we just turned the dial up to 11 and added a few extras to make this collection really shine.

Marty Schaffer

The man, the myth, the legend

"My mission at Capow is to bring together the best industry professionals and recreational enthusiasts for an approachable, educational good time in the backcountry.

The Capow Jacket and Bib is our uniform. Together, with TREW, we designed this kit to fit the needs of our professional team of guides as well as the needs of our clients, recreational backcountry skiers and snowboarders. The final products are ready to guide and ready to ride!"