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We Brought a Customer on our 2023 Team Trip to British Columbia

By Katherine Donnelly on

Meet Austin. An East Coast shredder, avid backcountry rider, TREW Black Diamond member....and arguably one of the luckiest people you'll meet.

Why you ask? Because last year, Austin was randomly selected as the winner of our first-ever Capow Sweepstakes....meaning that he got to join the TREW crew on our annual team trip to British Columbia for 5 days and 4 nights of pure Blanket bliss. 


We'll come right out an say it: while the idea of bringing a customer on the trip excited the heck out of us, there was definitely some major trepidation going into making this happen. Would the winner of the sweepstakes have fun and enjoy themselves? And on the other end, would the team enjoy having them along for the ride? Would everyone get along? Plus, you have to consider the group dynamics - especially when it comes to traveling + riding in the backcountry. Would the winner be a good fit for the group and would the be a good backcountry partner?

Well....if Austin is a lucky AF human, then consider us the luckiest of brands because having this guy join in on our trip just couldn't have been sweeter - and we're not just saying that. He fit right in, brought the stoke to an all-time high, inspired TREW employees and athletes alike, and had such a positive impact on the trip and the overall experience. 

It's hard to put into words what this trip means to us, and in that same thread it's even harder to show what this opportunity meant to both Austin and to our small yet might TREW family.

So rather than spew on, here's some pictures from the trip that will do a much better job in portraying what this annual retreat to the Blanket Glacier is all about.

Pow, friends, building connections....with just a little bit of gear talk thrown in :)

No bad trip begins with the phrase "heli ride in". 
Pinch us. Our home for the week. 
Avalanche rescue refresher, always a good way to kick things off.
Stretching the legs out with some friends in magical places.
The coziest of digs to spend the mornings and evenings.
Austin prepping for another awesome day on snow.
There aren't enough good things to say about the Blanket food.
A heli drop on a dreamy ridge line? yes, please!
The final push to the summit...
...before the party lap began!
Some major style points for Austin right here.
TREW talk with the whole crew. Chris going into the details about TREW, the gear, and everything he's got planned for the future.
And it wouldn't be a TREW trip without some very fun (but also serious) color talk.
One more pic of Austin making squiggles.
5 days and 4 nights well spent. Thanks for coming with us, Austin - it was TREWly a pleasure!

How to enter the 2024 Capow Sweepstakes?

If a trip to a remote backcountry hut in the mountains of British Columbia sounds like a good time to you, then we strongly suggest joining the Alpine Club and putting your points towards the sweepstakes!

Better yet, do it like Austin and become a Black Diamond member to receive 3x automatic entries when you sign up - with the option to get even more entries with your Club points. 


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