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The Wy'East Canary Club is now taking applications!

By Katherine Donnelly on

When former TREW intern and dear friend, Tucker Barney, got in touch last year to see if we would be interested in collaborating on something new + exciting in the Portland/Mt Hood area, we didn't even need more information....he had us at hello. But as soon as he started telling us more about his idea, it quickly became clear that he had some big plans that were not only incredibly inspiring but also in great demand here in this little corner of the country that we call home. 

What Tucker was after was a way to help bring more people into the mountains and to give better access to the backcountry regions that he loves so much....and what he has brought to beautiful fruition, alongside a band of dedicated individuals and like-minded brands, is the Wy'East Canary Club.

Now in it's second year, the Wy'East Indigenous Backcountry Introduction Experience is back and we're so excited to be a part of such an incredible event once again!

Get a glimpse of the fun from the inaugural experience in March 2022 in the below video, captured by TREW's very own Hibbs...


So, what's the Wy'East Canary Club?

The Wy'East Canary Club is an extension of Alpine Initiatives work across the continent, and focuses on getting Indigenous community members into the backcountry, affording them an experience and introduction they might not have otherwise. 

Partnering with Connor Ryan, Natives Outdoors, evoSmith Optics, Northwest School of Survival, Kaf Adventures, and TREW, this is the second season of the Mt. Hood Canary Club - culminating with an overnight hut trip on Mt. Hood 4/20-21/2023. 

With all logistics + gear needs dialed for our selected participants, we're ready to find up to six (6) well deserving folks for this years’ experience!!

>>Learn more + apply here.<<



"When I first saw JP Auclair's co-directed All.I.Can. (2011 film with Sherpa Cinemas) I was inspired because this was the first time I recognized the industry using skiing + riding for something much bigger than ourselves; this film was an environmental + social examination bringing needed education + awareness to our community... that just so happened to use badass skiing as the storytelling medium!!

All.I.Can. was also the first time JP's canary showed up, not-so-secretly graffitied in the background of JP's mind boggling street segment. For myself and many others, that canary became a symbol for a lot more than just skiing. Today, we are lucky + stoked to carry on JP's legacy through Alpine Initiatives and the Wy'East Canary Club!!" - Tucker Barney



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