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The Art of the Walk: Tips for Ski Touring

By Katherine Donnelly on

Walking uphill is hard, there's no way around it. And while there's no way to magically get you up to the top without some level of physical exertion on your part, there are proven ways to take your uphill walk to new, more efficient levels with just a few simple steps (pun intended). 

In the short video below, Shane Robinson - AMGA certified ski guide, owner of Graybird Guiding, and TREW ambassador - gives the low down on how to walk on two planks. Walking while ski touring or split boarding may seem relatively straightforward. However, with these tips, you'll save energy and be much more efficient with every step.

Learn more about Shane and his Graybird Guiding camps and trips here.

Shane is a beloved part of our family, and every day out in the mountains with him is a treat. If you ever get the chance to go out for a tour - whether it be a day trip or a multi-day hut trip - you will sure to come away from the experience with a wealth of new knowledge and sore cheeks from smiling so much. 

We also recommend @graybirdguiding a follow on Instagram, and keep an eye out for their #tipsuptuesday every week.

Shop the Capow Collection, Shane's go-to for all of his backcountry walks:


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