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Shawna Paoli in "Silver Linings"

By Michael Hibbs on

I was very lucky last season. I AM very lucky today. Though last season was cut short and I didn’t reach a lot of my goals, as I’m sure many of you can relate, I was very fortunate to have some greats point their cameras at me and get a couple shots. 

Andrew Burns created this little edit for me featuring shots by himself and Greg Weaver, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of their thoughtfulness.

To me it, this edit symbolizes the good in the bad. The silver linings you can unearth and polish in any situation. The imperfections. The acceptance of what is and evolving yourself. The vulnerability of sharing yourself with others.

Fastidious self criticism and troubles dissolving in the ethereal feeling of riding deep powder. Edge to edge transitions pairing like deep inhales and exhales. A celebration of the sacred individuality that makes your style so uniquely and only you. A profoundly nourishing medicine. And doing it all for reasons birthed in your heart and soul. 

I hope this little edit makes you feel as good as it felt creating these shots. 

See you out there soon!!  

Words by: Shawna Paoli... the shredder herself. 

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  • Fern on

    Oh man! Loved the soft music, “falling up” snowflake shot and just all the love in this vid. I haven’t gotten out yet this year and this video filled a space in my imagination and heart. Thanks Shawna <3

  • Ryan on

    Great edit, stylish riding, inspiring words. Thanks for this!

  • Hunter on

    So sick shawna!

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