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Shape the Future of our Nuyarn Collection

We first introduced Nuyarn merino wool to our customers in 2015. It was love at first wear: the incredible lofty softness, the athletic stretchiness, the stout synthetic backbone. Nuyarn merino is made for the mountains. 

We are happy to announce that we will (finally) be restocked our best-selling collection of Nuyarn T-shirts and we want you to be a part of the development!

Take the survey below to shape the future of our Nuyarn Collection.


If you've never tried Nuyarn, we do still have stock of our best-selling Pocket T in Black/Grey. Shop it here. 


Please back zippered Hoodie!
Gave mine away by accident and I have never really recovered emotionally from the loss.
I’ll buy two this time!

By Ross on April 16, 2021

I need a super soft long sleeve mock turtle neck without any zippers.

By Cosmic Charlie on April 15, 2021

Oh I just thought of two more products that’d be great with Nuyarn!
A thin light colored sun hoody
A thicker flannel type shirt with maybe snaps instead of buttons

By James on April 15, 2021


Love your stuff and I always get compliments. I probably have too many items from you guys.
Currently wearing a Nuyarn shirt this morning as I took the survey – how coincidental. (Black with grey pocket).

I also own:
two (2) more nuyarn tee shirts.
two (2) snap jacks
Club Shirt (my favorite)
Backcountry Button Up (too small now :/, really a shame
Up Jacket
Bewild Jacket
Powfunk Jacket
Peaking Snapback

Really love your stuff – but its a bit over priced and I have to wait for sales or clearance to buy.
Put me on your ProDeal and I’ll wear your stuff every day!
Or let me be a new product tester for you guys.
Weeky snowboard, MTN bike, disc golf, real golf, road bike.
Two years ago we did a Triple 9ner. In one day we did:
9 ski runs,
9 holes of golf
9 innings of rockies baseball.
(was rocking trew gear the whole day)

One thing I did notice is the Pocket T’s are slightly shorter in the back – where as the weightless T’s are a bit longer in the back.
I prefer the Tshirts to be a little longer because of outdoor activities.

By Matt Fitton on April 14, 2021

Long sleeve nuyarn Club polo. Yes, like the short Club polo but with long sleeves. Perfekt for after session and can be used more than the short sleeve version.

By James M on April 14, 2021

in regards to the NuYarn color options, I would love to see some bolder colors like royal blue, rich navy blue, pure red, and turquoise. The ones inthe survey are not in my color wheel, as they say. I am a winter and like deep rich jewel tones, pure white and rich navy. I find that with the exception of some of the bibs (my bibs are blue) and my red down sweater, your colors tned to be more in the Fall line of colors.

By the way, I am still waiting for you to bring back your down sweater – I want another one (or two!)

Thank you,
Debbi Fanshel

By Debra Fanshel on April 14, 2021

Banded collars a MUST for the Nuyarn t-shirts, so when you do decide on the direction for these newer shirts, please keep that in mind, thanks.

By Rob on April 14, 2021

Love the tee shirts, really sad the colors are so boring – the first lines were a (bit) better with the dipped ones but now everything is SO dark & dull! Please bring some more color to your line up

By Mike on April 14, 2021

I dig the merino wool and I’m in the market for a base layer set. I may be wrong here (being that the Tshirt is sold out) but I don’t really understand the purpose of a merino Tshirt. If I want to be warm and dry I wear good wool base layers. If I want to wear a T shirt well, I would wear a normal cotton one! That’s probably why I entered a low price in the survey. BTW I rocked my full Trew gear kit all season and got soooo many compliments. And even better than compliments, I was warm, dry, and super comfortable. Thanks the for rad gear!!!

By Lauren Harvey on April 14, 2021

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