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Our New Insulated Jackets & Bibs Get Thoroughly Tested via ProView

By Katherine Donnelly on

It might be old news by now, since these new items dropped back in September 2023...but just in case you missed it we now make insulated jackets and bibs!

It was a long time in the making, with countless customer requests coming in over the years, but the Tatoosh and Trillium kits bring a whole new vibe to our ever-expanding PNW Originals 2L collection with their zoned insulation added to that signature TREW-trusted weather protection that you know and love. 

While the rave customer reviews have been coming in a bit slowly (now that winter has showed it's face...better late than never), we also just received some glowing test results from none other than the pros over at ProView, Outdoor Pro Links review team. Amanda took the Trillium Jacket + Bib out for some proper resort testing in Colorado, while Tyler spent numerous days putting the men's counterpart - the Tatoosh Jacket + Bib - through it's paces in Alaska. 

Find inspiration with insulation, TREW’s Trillium bib and jacket are my new go-to for navigating cold weather and plentiful powder. As a snowboarder, I’m incredibly satisfied with the adaptable functionality of this kit: tough on the outside, yet cozy on the inside. - Amanda

I believe from the construction to the style, it feels like a really high quality, not mass-produced jacket and bib. As a consumer I feel like its pretty hard to find that feeling in the market these days. Most of the big brands have their formulas and are producing gear that seems to cut corners and I didn’t get that feeling with the Tatoosh bib and jacket. - Tyler

Read the full reviews here and learn even more about what sets these products apart!

Women's Trillium Jacket + Bib

Men's Tatoosh Jacket + Bib


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