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The Blanket Glacier Chalet: Monashee Mountain Magic

By Jess Joyner on

Every April the TREW Team closes our computers, puts our phones on airplane mode, and heads off to our happy place: The Blanket Glacier Chalet, cuddled deep in the Monashee Mountains outside of Revelstoke, BC. It is a time for us to celebrate the hard work of the season, share our visions for the future, and enjoy some great company in the great outdoors.

We've got a full recap in the works, but for now here are a few snaps from the trip.


blanket glacier chalet



marty schaffer in a helicopter wearing a purple anorak



group skinning up a mountain



A split screen of Hibbs smiling at the dinner table and four polaroid pictures laid on the table



two riders in a purple and coral jacket giving a thumbs up



two skiers boot packing up a ski line



Marty Schaffer boosting off a jump


Huge thanks to Marty and the amazing crew at Capow Guiding and The Blanket Glacier Chalet for leaving us refreshed, stoked, and a little sore from too much laughing. Until next year!


Photos by Will Saunders.

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