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VIDEO: Learning in the Backcountry with Verascapes

By Katherine Donnelly on

At TREW, we're all about searching for those rad individuals who are shaking things up, doing cool things, and sharing positive experiences with the world.

ENTER: Verascapes and Brenda Hollon.

Verascapes' mission is to uplift underrepresented people through transformative experiences in the outdoors. The feelings the outdoors can provide are unmatched and can truly change one's perspective. Brenda, the founder of Verascapes, is an extremely accomplished mountaineer who has often found herself being the only woman - not to mention person of color - on many expeditions. As a result, she created Verascapes to create a more inclusive and welcoming space.

Brenda and her crew at Verscapes are trewly creating the change they want to see in the world. This video is taken from an AIARE 2 class led by Brenda and fellow TREW ambassador Shane Robinson.

Navigating the backcountry is not only mesmerizing, but it's also dangerous - which is exactly why experiences in the outdoors should be accompanied by education, and guidance from professionals such as Brenda and Shane is strongly suggested.

We hope you enjoy this video, and make sure to visit Verascapes to learn more:

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  • Jay Ko on

    This is awesome! I love that events like this are happening!

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