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KGW News - Winter Layering with TREW Gear

By Shay Huskey on

Last night CEO Chris Pew and Marketing Manager Shay Huskey went live on KGW news to talk about the importance to winter layering.  

Now that winter in Oregon and in many other areas has finally arrived, it's important to layer the correct way. Many people tend to grab the warmest and thickest layer when temperatures starts to fall but here at TREW we're all about the base layer, the mid layer and the outer layer. 

The base layer helps keep you dry and comfortable. There's nothing better than merino wool when it comes to base layers. Our NuYarn Merino wool helps wick your bodies sweat away, it doesn't smell and it also insulates.

Our go-to mid layer is down. There's nothing more lightweight and packable than real, all-natural goose down in our Super Down Shirtweight Jacket

Lastly, the final layer is the outer layer which is our waterproof breathable shell. The waterproof aspects helps protect you against the elements, the zippers are waterproof and the inside seams are taped so no water can get through the holes, and it's breathable so that your bodies vapor can escape and your sweat doesn't make you cold. 

The benefit to layering is being able to add or subtract threads depending on your activity. Whether you're working hard in the mountains, out for a hike, in the city or just standing around, having layers gives you the perfect comfort level to keep you staying active and having fun!

Check out Chris and Shay on KGW - Click Here

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