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In Pursuit of the Perfect Turn ft. Peter Bollenbacher

By Katherine Donnelly on
Photo by Jonathan Stone.

There's no denying it: we're all on the pursuit of that perfect turn.

Maybe you've experienced one before and are on the hunt for recreating that magical feeling, or maybe you side eye those racer-types arcing below the lifts as you down a Rainier and think about all those sick tricks you'll be tossing in the park this lap. Either way, we all wish we could rail turns on the regular - whether openly or begrudgingly - and this video taps into that deep-seated desire alongside some seriously talented individuals, heels locked down or free.

If you love throwing angles or carving in any capacity, you'll appreciate this video:


This video was created + filmed by Steep Motion for Big Sky Mountain Resort last season. Look for Peter Bollenbacher in his bright Paprika kit, and scroll down further to learn more about him (and watch another sweet video).

This Peter kid rips!

On a recent trip to Big Sky, I knew that at some point - whether for some laps or for a beverage at one of the many bars in the village - I had to link up with Peter. Peter is a newer face to the TREW team, so I was eager to meet him and learn more about this dude, and get the chance to chase him around his stomping grounds for at least a few turns.

Upon meeting him at the bottom of Iron Horse, we got to talking. Gear, work, life, and the some more gear. His story follows suit of many ski-minded youth before him: a life-long skier growing up in Steamboat Springs, CO, Peter chose to leave home for college and take on MSU Bozeman. Now several years later, he's still living in Bozeman and calling Big Sky home where he spends his time making even the born + bred locals look a little bit shabby on the downhills. Not intentionally or with any hard feelings, just with his effortless style, seeming ability to lay a clean arc on any surface, and a sheepish grin popping over his collar as he speeds by you.

Peter was a TREW customer a few years back, buying a kit on pro deal as he worked at the mountain through the Winter. It was almost immediately after his new kit showed up on his doorstep that we began to get daily notifications on social media saying "Peter tagged you in a post" and "Peter mentioned you in a story". And from the banger photos intertwined with epic video shorts, it was clear that this guy had skills and a penchant for good timing when it came to getting those powdery goods. Now, with our sights on the 2022/23 season, we're stoked to be working with him and beyond thrilled to have him repping our gear!

 Okay, one more dreamy video...


PS: we're not affiliated with Steep Motion in any way, just massive fans of their work. If you enjoy drool-worthy storytelling and good clean fun in the outdoors, I would strongly urge you to go check them out on YouTube.

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