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How 2020 Made us a Better Company

By Chris Pew on

2020 will be remembered for the unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis, political and social unrest, and economic turmoil. It was a challenging time to be a small business, to say the least. Due to our loyal customer base, direct shipping capabilities, and rising interest in backcountry skiing and snowboarding, we are among the very fortunate businesses that have managed to find a path through the uncertainty.

Beside the aforementioned lowlights of 2020, I've encouraged our team to think about the positive impact that our business has had in 2020. 

Here's how we made a positive impact in 2020 and why we think we're a better company for it:

We are members of the Conservation Alliance, a group of minded companies that disburse annual membership dues to grassroots environmental organizations. Besides our annual dues, this season we participated in the TCA Coalition Giving Campaign, donated 5% of our sales during our preseason sales in October. 

In August, we built a custom product collection and held a fundraising raffle for the I'm Not Done Yet Foundation, to mark the 3rd anniversary of Bobby Menges' death. Bobby entered our community through his and his family's shared love of snowboarding. We learned, after his passing, about the incredible life he led and the impact that he had on his community. We were inspired to bring his story to our larger community and give back to the organization that continues his legacy.

From January to December, we've repaired 114 garments for our customers. Keeping that same amount of garments out of the landfill and helping those customers out some cash towards fueling their adventures. We've always offered a comprehensive warranty for our customers and believe that this is one of the most basic and effective ways we can support our community and environment.

Like many small businesses, we believed that our community benefit was inherent in these type of brand-building, marketing, and customer-service activities.

2020 changed our notion of community. A global pandemic can do that. We are all individuals that are living through unprecedented racial, economic, and health crises, but the truth is the communities that are disproportionally impacted by these crises are not skiers and snowboarders. The social and economic inequities that have persisted in our country have been deepened and exacerbated. Black, Indigenous, and people of color face the greatest health risks and the worst economic impacts of COVID-19.

Since July, we've directed proceeds of our Face Mask sales to the Oregon Community Recovery Fund, a fund established to deploy resources to non-profits in our state supporting those communities that are worst impacted by the pandemic. We look forward to continuing these efforts in 2021 and deepening our relationship to and support of the communities that make Oregon what it is.

2020 has giving us the confidence and conviction that even a small, growing company can bring real benefits to communities in need. It's the right thing to do and we're a better company for it. 

It's easy to believe that this type of transformation is happening with many individuals and businesses across the country. Maybe 2021 will mark the beginning of a kinder economy, a more inclusive society, and more sustainable consumption. We certainly hope so and look forward to doing our part. 

Chris Pew


December 31, 2020



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  • Peter on

    Great people doing great work. Success is measured not in the profits that you make but in the impact you have as an organization. I love the TREW product but I really love what TREW stands for and the actions it takes to make the world a better place. Thank you and Happy New Year!

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