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Getting to Know TREW Athlete, Šárka Pančochová

By Jess Joyner on

Šárka's lot game is on-point at her home hill, Timberline in Oregon. (Photo Credit: Andrew Chad)

Šárka may just be the coolest, chillest Olympian out there. She comes from the Czech Republic but considers the road home, constantly chasing adventure and always on the move in her van. When not competing around the world with her board in tow, Šárka can be found adventuring in the mountains of the PNW with her wife or blasting a one-wheel around the streets of Portland.

Snowboarding is second nature to Šárka, made quickly evident through her style and deep bag of tricks. Simply put, Sarka is a shining light of a human and an absolute powerhouse on her board! 


About to land her first 1080, woot wooooot! (Photo Credit: @premkvida)


We sat Šárka down for some Q&A to get to know more about her. Here's what we found out!


Favorite mountain snack?
I'm a bougie snacker. I bring fancy cheese, crackers, and prosciutto. Trail mix is always a good way to go as well.

Go-to karaoke song?
"Hello” by Adele. My voice is really perfect for this one.

How are you celebrating pride month?
Put on some colorful clothing and go into the streets of Portland to high-five our fellow homos :)

What is your ideal riding day?
A small group of friends lapping steep hills at Crystal Mountain or riding anywhere in the Alps.

  Šárka was a 2023 participant in Kings and Queens of Corbet's at Jackson Hole (Photo Credit: Keegan Rice)


What do you love about riding?

It makes me feel just so good. I don’t think about anything else. I'm really immersed in the activity. Time slows down but the day goes by fast because we are having so much fun.

When you are good at something it just feels really good to do it. It’s very effortless. Also being in the mountains is calming and I love all the white nature around me. 


Gotta give the adventure van a bath. (Photo Credit: Andrew Chad)


Thanks to Šárka for sitting down with us at TREW!

You can keep up with her on Instagram @sarkasnow and on her YouTube channel Sarka Pancochova.

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