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Get to Know Andy + Shannon Mahre, Our Newest TREW Fam Addition

By Katherine Donnelly on

As TREW continues to grow over the seasons, we've been blown away as the thumbs up builds up a following larger than we could have ever dreamed of back in 2008. And one of the most exciting moments this past year - one of those 'wait, did they mean to send this to us??' instances - was getting an email from none other than Andy + Shannon Mahre, two fixtures in the PNW ski scene and both inspirational within the industry in their own rights. Not only were they familiar with the TREW brand, but they were fans of it - so much so that they were wondering if we would be open to creating a relationship with them.

Well, we obviously said, "sorry, our team's pretty full at the moment"....HA, psych! Within an hour of receiving their email, we had already set up a zoom call with this rad family to chat out details and Chris was already packing up a care package of TREW garb to send up to the Washington natives. So we were all pretty pumped, and the stoke levels were only equalled by the Mahre's themselves.

So here we are today, ready to officially announce to the world that our TREW Crew continues to grow, expand, and build upon itself year after year. And new for the 2021/22 season, we want to welcome Andy and Shannon (and Ryder and Huck, of course) to our small yet mighty family. Here's to plentiful snow, smiles all around, and many happy, healthy days ahead - and for years to come :)

Now let's dive in and learn a bit more about this dynamic duo and see what makes them tick...

Shannon and Andy run cat ski guiding trips and clinics. We're looking forward to getting out there with them some day soon!

Let's start off with some intros. Give us your elevator spiel - who are you, what makes you inherently 'you', and if someone was to come away from this interview knowing one thing about you what would it be?

Andy: I love to be outdoors. I run a small construction company, and prefer to do the work over hiring it out. That tends to keep me outdoors and busy.  My wife, Shannon, runs our other businesses, M.A.D.E., Girls with Grit, and Mahre Media, which are our coaching and photography/videography companies.  We have two kids.  Combine all those things, and time for worry-free playing is fairly minimal, but we still make fun a priority, whether it be individually, as a couple, or as a family.

Shannon: I am a 4-season coach (ski, mountain bike, trail run, river SUP, endurance), athlete, photographer, writer, mom and wife based in Naches, WA. Alongside my husband, Andy, I run MADE (Mahre Athletic Development Experience), which is our over-arching company. My other company, Girls with Grit, is the fem side of the company — I offer public and private clinics and lessons all over the PNW and even in Canada pre-covid. I also have a Girls with Grit clothing and hat line which lets me use my creative side. Andy and I also own Mahre Media — Andy is a commercial drone pilot and I am a professional photographer and adventure/editorial writer and marketing consultant.

You have both been in the snow world for some time now. What about skiing keeps you coming back for more every year?

A: Evolving a professional ski career into coaching has made it fairly simple.  Working with intermediate/advanced skiers has caused me to pay more attention to detail )in them and myself), and ripping around with the next generation of rippers has kept me in “the zone”, as far as spending time in the air, going big, and skiing fast.  Even without that transition, just the freedom of multiple options with no guidance or direction. Choose your path, follow it, or change you mind and go wherever you want.  Be it downhill, across hill, uphill, it can be enjoyable, peaceful, relaxing, thrilling, exciting, and downright scary all in a matter of seconds if you want.  That to me is an addiction worth having.

S: For me, skiing is freedom, and it gives me a feeling that I can’t get from anywhere else. And as a coach, watching my clients and now friends come back year after year and absolutely slaughter goal after goal on snow… well there really isn’t much that makes me happier — besides watching my kiddos slay their goals!

Andy's skiing speaks for itself, making it clear why he's been a prominent figure within the ski industry for years now. 

Looking back on your lives in the snow, what are you most proud of? 

A: Being in a position to help inspire a generation of skiers is definitely up there. Really though, it’s watching our kids enjoy and learn the ins and outs of “playing in the snow”.

S: The thing that I am most proud of doesn’t have anything to do with my personal accomplishments —- although it’s pretty fun to keep going bigger off of pillows and cliffs — what I am most proud of is being a coach and helping other women not only improve their physical skills, but also their mental confidence and strength. Hearing from my clients how much I have changed their lives for the better or helped them get past fears that they never thought possible —- that to me, is something to be proud of. My clients inspire me every time I am out with them… and I’d honestly take these moments and triumphs over my personal triumphs any day.

Now, we had the distinct pleasure of having you two reach out to us about teaming up...what about TREW Gear resonates with you, and what are you most excited about with our new partnership?

A: I like the transparency and honesty within the company. Where it’s sourced, where it’s made, where it’s designed, who is designing it, and what it’s designed to do. As a life long PNWer, having something designed locally to deal with our weather and snow conditions is very important to me. Cold and dry is not your average day here in the WA/OR. Trew employees know this very well. 

S: I love that you are a PNW local company, that you are honest, that you are full of integrity… and of course, you make freaking great products. It’s been so amazing to watch you grow over the years and we are so proud to be a part of the team moving into the 2021/22 season. For us, it’s simple… partner with companies that resonate with our morals and mission, that make outstanding, high-end products and that want to have a symbiotic relationship - because being a team is what makes Andy and I so successful… so we take this same focus into every relationship and partnership that we build.

Shannon is what many would consider a unicorn: a powerhouse of an athlete and ridiculously encouraging and approachable to all around her. Getting to spend time with this woman, wife, mom, and shredder is an honor - and w highly recommend getting in on one (or more) of her clinics.

As you raise your two (awesomely adorable) boys in the great outdoors, what values do you hope to instill in them?

A: There is much more to life than computers and TVs. (I’m actually sick of sitting in front of my computer at this point…….) Ultimately, we want theme to be happy, kind, caring, curious explorers with passion for what they want to do.

S: Oh geez… well we try our best to instill good manners and respect in them both, but Ryder is 4 so that’s been a bit of rollercoaster as of late. Huck is 9 months old, so I’m just trying to teach him the word “NO.” haha

Honestly, we want them not to set limitations for themselves, not to worry about being the best (or the worst), to never stop learning, to always think about the consequences of their actions and to not give a flying fart in space what others think. It’s crazy how many kids and adults are so focused on winning and being the best that they forget to have fun, to enjoy life… every single minute that we are on this earth.

How has starting a family changed the way you approach the mountains? 

A: I’ve always tried to have a pretty calculated approach to mountain travel. Do the risks outweigh the benefits, and visa versa. Those calculations have grown stronger since starting a family. The major change would be skiing with the kids. Instead of super efficient with minimal gear, it’s now it’s a lot of work, a lot of gear, and a lot of hot chocolate. It’s a blast!

S: Being that we don’t have family nearby that helps with the kiddos frequently, the main change is that we don’t get a ton of time to explore them alone (sans kiddos) together as much as we used to. But as far as how I approach high risk decisions, I take calculated risks, but if there is any doubt in my mind, I walk away. It’s more important for me to go home to my kids than to shred a gnarly, dangerous line. Does that mean that I don’t get after it? Nope! Every year I hit bigger pillows and cliffs and continue to work on my speed and technique in technical terrain — because each and every one of us has room to improve.

It actually doesn't get any cuter than this. Shannon with Huck (9 months) and Ryder (4 years). 

Favorite place to shred? Favorite place to ride with the whole family? 

A: I still enjoy skiing my home ski hill, White Pass, with or without the family.

S: White Pass is my favorite place to shred —- although being in Japan and having it snow a foot of fresh every night was pretty epic as well. I’d say that was definitely my best ski trip ever.

Favorite place to ride with the whole family is definitely White Pass. Especially this year and next when Huck is on the front and back pack — White Pass is one of the only resorts in the US that allows babies to be attached to you while skiing so it has allowed us to ski with both boys from when they were just a few months old. I also love how quiet, homey and friendly White Pass is… to me, it is truly the best ski area in the world.

What do you say to those who claim that "your life [skiing, adventure] ends when you have kids"?

A: It doesn’t end, it just changes. You exchange good times, for other good times, and bad times, for other bad times. Sounds pretty similar to me.

S: I tell them that if they stopped setting limitations on themselves and their kids that they would have a more fun, happy and fulfilling life. Is it harder to do things you love after having kids, sure. But you MAKE IT WORK. I run 3 businesses, take care of 2 horses, 2 dogs, and train for multiple trail ultras every year with my 2 boys as my sidekicks whenever I’m not coaching or at a photo shoot… AND Andy and I are happier than we’ve ever been. Never stop setting goals, bring your kids along from day 1 and pretty soon you’ll have adventure buddies for life. Ryder bikes, trail runs and rides horses with me… and he’s 4. YOU MAKE IT WORK. Period.

Shannon poppin' pillows :)

When the world is spinning 1000mph around you and you're in need of a 'you day', what does that look like to you? 

A: There are many forms of me days, not just many of them. It can be skiing, ski touring, mountain biking, riding motorcycles, river SUPing. Sometimes it’s full days, other times it’s an hour or two. They are usually preceded by feeding the kids, or getting them down for a nap, and proceeded by doing the same and getting them to bed. Ryder loves tractors, so we watch a tractor show occasionally.

S: Most definitely a day of adventuring with Andy… If it is spring, we would head out for an early ski tour to get some views and ski some corn after a snack at the top, then on the way back home, we’d spend a few hours biking at our favorite spot together. After dropping the bikes and skis off at home, we’d get a ride upriver so that we could paddle down the Naches together. A cold beer river side after our paddle followed by an evening of snuggling with our boys watching a movie would be the icing on the cake.

Looking forward to the 2021/22 season, do you have any big goals in mind? 

A: Biggest goal is to get Huck (or 1 y/o) smiling and laughing on his own skis. Another important focus is getting Ryder (our 5 y/o) as much time on skis a possible. Shannon likely has some other goals in mind, also. I just hope to get a good amount of days on snow, with and without the kids. Hopefully I’m not too busy working, and if I am, that the weather here is at least semi-decent. I’m enjoying being healthy, and keeping it that way is definitely a goal of mine.

S: Coaching (at White Pass, Alpental and at Schweitzer for our Cat Skiing Trips), hitting some new pillow lines and cliffs, watching Ryder slay even more diamonds at White Pass, and getting Huck on skis. Honestly… I can’t wait. Xo

Learn more and shred with the Mahres

Shannon + Andy will be offering ski clinics & private lessons throughout the 2021/22 season at White Pass, Schweitzer, Mission Ridge and Alpental; to be on the contact list for pre-registration, email And don't forget to check out their amazing Schweitzer/Selkirk Powder Cat Skiing Trips as well!

Contact Shannon for any questions, etc. at

Okay, one more awesome pic before you leave. Here's Andy sending and stomping the legendary Baker Road Gap. 

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